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Leons appearance didnt disturb Akalis groups progress and work proceeded as normal.

But Leon, who had been planning to fly right to Fire Rock Island had met Cassandra along the way, so he stayed and helped Cassandra finish her work.

Cassandra had come with this team from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to the Magic Cloud Continent, other than guiding them was to find a suitable empty spot that could be used to build a big enough race track.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce fleet had arrived, the red dragon tribe that Cassandra came from had been completely sucked in by the Magic Race Cars and the Magic Illusion Projectors.

After several months of getting used to them, the red dragons that were already used to racing werent satisfied with racing on Fire Rock Island anymore. They wanted to find a bigger place to drive around in.

So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had used this chance to make a proposal to the red dragons. They wanted the red dragons to work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to build a base on the coast by Fire Rock Island and Frestech Island.

The base would include a giant race track which the dragons could freely drive around in.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce even stated that they could help the red dragons create a specialized tournament to let them race each other.

Cassandra loved the race cars very much and she was very familiar with the people of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so she became the person in charge of this from the red dragon side.

This black dragon Leon who suddenly appeared followed behind Cassandra, following her as she went around looking for a proper spot and followed her to talk with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces people. It didnt take long before he became very familiar with Akalis group.

So it didnt take long before Leon made a request.

“Hey, Akali, since your company can cooperate with Cassandras tribe, then can you cooperate with our tribe”

Akali looked at him with a smile as she thought that she had been waiting for this for several days now.

“This…..It isnt that we cant, but our company has just landed on this continent and we have many things we need to prepare first. The most important thing is that we dont know what the attitude of your tribe is, so its hard to say……” Akali deliberately revealed an awkward appearance.

“Theres definitely no problem with our tribe!” Leon patted his chest to guarantee, “As long as I go back to tell them what Cassandras tribe is doing, they definitely wont be against it.”

Cassandra on the side gave a cold snort, “Dont boast too early. Theres a bunch of fellows who are as stubborn as stone in your tribe, they wont accept new things that easily.”

Leon lowered his hand and didnt refute what Cassandra said.

Seeing his appearance, Akali was a bit curious.

Whether it was in the legends or from Cassandras description, the black dragons were famous for being violent. Why did Leon not show any of this violent nature and why was Cassandra only worried that the black dragon tribe would be stubborn

This proud fellow Leon wasnt even able to refute this, so it could be seen that the black dragons were stubborn to a certain extent.

“Lets put the matter of them accepting or not on the side because we can test this before anything happens.” Akali said with a faint smile, “Leon, we can give you some Magic Sedans and Magic Illusion Projectors to take back. You can see if your clansmen will accept them or not. If they do, then we can cooperate.”

“Then if they dont” Leon asked back, “Theres no possibility of cooperating”

“No, it just means that our products werent good enough. You and your clansmen can give suggestions based on these things and then we can make changes based on your suggestions.” Akali revealed a wide smile, “Our sir chairman has said that theres nothing that cant be sold in this world, it just hasnt found the right buyer yet.”

Leon looked at Akali in a daze, “Your chairman really is strange.”

Akali gave a shrug. She thought that if the sir chairman who was ten thousand kilometers away knew that a black dragon had given him this evaluation, he might not even bat an eyelash.

After all, everyone on the Sines Continent thought that sir chairman was very strange, there were even quite a few that thought he was a maniac.

Perhaps he could feel the sincerity in Akalis voice, Leon seriously considered this and then indicated that he would properly communicate with his clansmen, trying hard to create a successful cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Akali was very satisfied with this.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could cooperate with even the most violent black dragon tribe, then there was meaning in developing on the Magic Cloud Continent.

“Right, Akalin, since you are human merchants, why are you not doing business with humans and coming here to do business with us dragons Isnt this very strange” Leon suddenly asked.

Akali was stunned.

Although Cassandra had said that humans existed on the Magic Cloud Continent, because the exploration team hadnt been able to find humans in the thousand square kilometer range and because Cassandras information wasnt certain, they could never confirm this.

For Leon to suddenly say this, doesnt that mean that he had confirmed information on the humans of the Magic Cloud Continent

“Youre asking if this continent has humans Of course there are.” Leon was a bit surprised by Akalis question, “Although humans have always been weak, they are the fastest developing race on this continent. I remember that a thousand years ago, there was only a small tribe of humans near our tribe that only had a few hundred people, but now its become a large human gathering. I estimate that there are at least tens of thousands of them now.”

“Tens of thousands” Akalis eyes opened wide in joy.

If there were tens of thousands of humans, then it meant that the humans on the Magic Cloud Continent had reached a considerable scale. They might have even developed a decent culture, so they should formally contact them.

Although sir chairman had always emphasized that a merchant shouldnt care about race, compared to other races, Akali liked contacting humans more.

If there wasnt a single human on this continent, then Akali would have felt a bit lonely.

After learning that it took Leon three days of flying just to reach his tribe, Akali gave up on this idea of contacting this human tribe for now.

Although she was very willing to contact the same race as her, they hadnt truly taken root on the continent just yet and it wasnt a good thing to rashly contact the locals of this continent.

It had to be known that they were outsiders for this continent.

Even if they were from the same race, it would be a question of whether the local humans would accept them or not.

After confirming the possibility of cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Leon didnt stay any longer. The next morning, there were two Magic Illusion Projectors and several Magic Illusion Films tied to his back as he headed back to his tribe.

Akali and the other Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff continued to work on preparation work for the base.

After a month, Akalis subordinates had built a Magic Signal Tower on a small mountain that was a hundred meters tall and two kilometers away from the coast, allowing the magic signal to cover this area.

Their next job was to connect the magic signal here to the magic signal of Frestech Island and Fire Rock Island, guaranteeing that the two sides could communicate with each other.

Even if Akali had made a new breakthrough in the magic signal transmission technology, allowing the magic signal tower to have a range of fifteen kilometers, to have this signal reach all the way to Frestech Island and Fire Rock Island that were several hundred kilometers away was still impossible.

At this time, it was time for the high altitude magic signal transmission station that Akali had developed over the past half a year with the Cassandra and several red dragons to appear.

Akalis first experiment was to have Cassandra create a magic signal source with Dragon Word Magic and then after processing it, they put it inside a machine and placed it on a Magic Airship. They brought it up to a kilometer into the air and then kept it ten kilometers away from the magic signal tower on the shore.

Like this, the magic signal tower could be transmitted to the Magic Airship, then it would be transmitted from the magic signal source inside the machine.

To put it simply, it was a magic signal tower in the sky that was made from Dragon Word Magic, which would relay the magic signal across the sea.

In fact, they didnt need to use the Magic Airship. They just needed to put a floating array on the machine to let it float in the air.

However, when testing this, when the machine was affected by the currents in the air, it couldnt maintain stability. It was very hard to stay in one place, so Akali had to use a Magic Airship to keep it in place.

Of course, the Magic Airship was a very valuable resource.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Cloud Continent exploration team only had ten of these, so they couldnt leave it here.

So the key thing that Akalis team had to do was develop a machine that could float in a stable manner in the air.

If they could solve this problem, Akali was certain that it wouldnt be a problem to establish communication between the Magic Cloud Continent and the Sines Continent.

However, this problem wasnt for Akalis team to solve, but rather they needed help from the magic machine development center.

So Akali had sent back this problem to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce headquarters through the reinforcement fleet without any courtesy.

And she started to build the second magic signal tower with her subordinates.

Xu Yi had told her before that any place that the magic communication signal could cover was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces territory!-

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