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Akali had just landed on the continent when a cold wind hit her. She couldnt help shrinking her head back as she took a soft breath.

If it was according to the calendar of the Sines Continent, it would be the 4th of January right now.

Thats right, on the Sines Continent, today was the fourth day after the new year and it should be when New Years was being celebrated.

If she had stayed on the Sines Continent, she would be spending New Years at home with her family and she wouldnt have come to this desolate place where cold wind blew all over.

However, she wasnt on the Sines Continent right now and was currently standing on the new continent of legends named the “Magic Cloud Continent”.

When she had been on the ship, she had seen this continent from a distance and found that other than it being a bit desolate, there was no other difference from the Sines Continent. It was a very normal coast and it wasnt a hellish world filled with demons or poisoned gas like the legends said.

Of course, since she started working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, she had been gradually influenced by Xu Yi. She already fostered the attitude of “questioning with science”, so she no longer believed those legends.

Of course, that also meant that after she landed on the legendary continent, she wasnt as excited as she thought she would be before.

Turning to look at her colleagues who were excited about landing on the new continent, Akali gave a clap that pulled their attention back to her again.

“Alright, stop being in a daze and start working! Sena, you can lead some people to build a small magic signal station and test to see if the magic signal is affected by anything nearby. Ofuko, you and the engineers can take a look around at the surrounding geography, find at least five different places suitable for building magic signal towers. Mondo, you……”

After a series of diverse orders came from Akali, the people she called on immediately started to move without any hesitation.

Cassandra standing on the side watching Akali giving out orders with an interested look came over and said with a smile, “Hey, Akali, I normally dont see this kind of imposing manner from you.”

Akali rolled her eyes at her and snappily said, “Nonsense, when you normally see me, Im facing a bunch of you dragons, so how could I have an imposing attitude”

Cassandra gave a laugh, “What You feel a lot of pressure in front of us”

“Hey, dont act like you dont know the wordsdragon prestige, alright” Akali muttered, “I really dont know what it is with you dragons, why do you have this strangedragon prestige thing It isnt scientific at all.”

“Scientific” Cassandra tilted her head to think, “I keep hearing this from you, but what does it mean”

“Scientific……” Akali hesitated a few times and thought for a while before she could only wave her hand, “This word is too difficult to describe, I need to explain many things and it would be hard for you to understand. It's like how I dont understand the principle behinddragon prestige.”

“Actually, you humans always say that we dragons have a naturaldragon prestige that scares you, but to me, isnt it just the natural fear that you feel from seeing our giant bodies” Cassandra tentatively explained, “For example, if you were facing a bigger and fierce looking…..life form, you would be afraid. Isnt that just human nature”

“Wu……what you say makes sense. For example, when you transform into human form, the pressure that I feel becomes much smaller.” Akali thought for a bit before clapping her hands, “Alright, lets not talk about this right now and start getting down to business. Cassandra, can you fly up to see if theres an appropriate area of flat land thats large enough”

“No problem.”

Cassandra replied before slowly flying into the sky and turning back to dragon form. She flapped her wing and flew off into the distance in an instant.

“It would be good if our Magic Airships could be as flexible as the dragons.” Akali couldnt help muttering this as she looked at Cassandra in the sky before shaking her head to get rid of this absurd idea.

Even if the Magic Airship were as flexible in the air as the dragons, it would be very impractical because there would be too much pressure on the people sitting inside it.

Akali had been curious and Cassandra had invited her, so she had sat on Cassandras back and gone around a few times in the air.

While in the air, Akali was so dizzy that she almost fell off.

When she came to the ground, the first thing she did was throw up.

Akalis physique had always been considered good and since she couldnt take it, it meant that most humans wouldnt be able to withstand this method of flying.

After Akali threw this strange idea out of her mind, she focused back on her work.

Akali and the team she led had come to the Magic Cloud Continent to build a magic signal tower by the coast. Then they would connect it to Frestech Island that was seven hundred kilometers away.

According to the plan, they would build this magic signal tower to link up the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base on the Magic Cloud Continent. Then they would build more and more magic signal towers after this first one, spreading out the magic communication network, while also increasing the sphere of influence for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on this continent.

This huge projects first step was the most difficult, so Akali had personally led her team to step onto the continent.

In the past half a year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces exploration team had sent back reports that the coast was quite flat and there werent many intelligent races living here, so it was a very suitable place to build an outpost.

Although this place was over ten thousand kilometers away from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce main base, the fleet would come each month to provide them with plenty of resources. So they were already prepared and now that they had landed on the Magic Cloud Continent, they were ready to start working.

As for the work of erecting the magic signal tower, Akali and her team were already familiar with this and there was no need for her orders as her subordinates had already started working.

After a while, Sena had led her team to already erect a small magic signal station.

Based on the preliminary tests, there were no changes to the magic signal within five kilometers. The magic signal test data was almost exactly the same as the data on the Sines Continent.

This proved without a doubt that the Sines Continent wasnt that mysterious and was very much like the Sines Continent. It could even be considered a continent that wasnt fundamentally different at all.

This result made Akalis team much more relaxed.

They were most worried that the magic signal was different on the Magic Cloud Continent and they would need to decode it with some complicated work before they could do the rest of what they needed to do.

Now that they proved the magic signal was the same, their following work became much easier.

In an instant, there was a small camp that was built.

Thanks to the many goods brought by the fleet each month, they were able to build a very crude looking, but solid simple room here. Then after installing the Magic Air Conditioner, the Magic Stove, and other heating sources, as well as putting a blanket down, they were able to create several warm bunks.

Because they were facing the sea, Akalis group only needed to use the Magic Sea Water Purifier that used Fifth Grade Water Magic as a core that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only developed last year to get an endless supply of fresh water.

After building their dorm and with the Magic Stove and Magic Water Heater, they could even build a bathing facility that didnt seem in line with living in the wild.

Akali had been running all over the continent to accomplish Xu Yis goal ofspreading the magic signal all over the Sines Continent, so she would frequently camp outside and it became very normal for her.

There were many times where she came up with many ideas that made camping much more comfortable.

It could be said that most of the things in camp were requested by her from Xu Yi and then Xu Yi had the magic research facility and the magic machine development center make them for her.

Because of this, Xu Yi would tease her for not being able to suffer and was someone who liked to enjoy herself.

However, Akali felt that this was natural.

Working in the field was hard, how could she not be good to herself

Moreover, they were working on a new continent that was ten thousand kilometers away from the main base, which was much harder than normal people could imagine.

Thinking of this, Akali suddenly cursed in her mind.

She had been in too much of a rush that she had forgotten to bring a Magic Illusion Projector.

She couldnt kill time at night by watching Illusion Films and she couldnt pull Cassandra in to research the magic signal, right

Thinking of Cassandra, Akali was a bit curious.

Cassandra had flown off for an hour now and with her speed, it was enough to fly fifty kilometers away and back. Why wasnt she back yet

When she looked up, she saw a black dot in the sky that quickly became bigger.

“Hei, I thought that she went off to play.” Seeing the dragon, Akali shook her head as her heart relaxed.

However, she was then surprised and felt that something was off.

When she looked up again, she found that this dragon wasnt Cassandra at all.

Because this dragons skin was black!-

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