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After confirming that the Abyss Demon Race wasnt like the legends described them to be, that they wouldnt be arriving like the demon king and ending the world, Xu Yis expression became much more relaxed.

“Hey, Cassandra, do you know how many of your dragon race are left” Xu Yi asked another question he cared about.

Cassandra let out a breath like she wasnt very interested in this question.

“You humans always like to ask this. To be honest, I dont know.”

“You dont know”

“Of course, why would I care about something boring as how many of my race is left” Cassandra asked back, “Is there any meaning”

“Of course, knowing how many of your clansmen are left, doesnt that help you strengthen your understanding of your race” Xu Yi was a bit confused.

“So thats something that you humans care about because you like to group together. As for us dragons, we are a naturally strong race, so we dont need to group together to live well. Why would we need to care about how many people are in our race”


Xu Yi suddenly felt that Cassandra was being reasonable and couldnt refute it.

Indeed, every dragon was strong, with good vitality and power, so they could live well even if they lived alone. They werent like humans who grouped together at all.

“But based on the information you brought back, our fleet shouldnt have just met you alone on that island, right” Xu Yi asked.

“That isnt strange because that island is very suited for us red dragons to live on and its very big. So after many of our clansmen found that island, they didnt want to find somewhere else to live and decided to settle there.” Cassandra lowered her head to look at Xu Yi, “If it wasnt for your companys fleet suddenly arriving, I might not have left even after several thousand years.”

Xu Yi looked at the Magic Illusion Projector. This dragon kept saying that she was lazy, but she flew over ten thousand kilometers to come here. Could it be that she was interested in the Magic Illusion Projector

“Cassandra, other than you, were there other dragons interested in this thing” Xu Yi pointed at the Magic Illusion Projector as he asked this.

“Of course. Un…..Accurately speaking, all of our clansmen liked the novel things that your fleet brought, I just liked them a bit more than the others. So I took this task to bring the message from your fleets manager because I couldnt wait to see the rest of the «Records of the Pollock Dynasty». I never thought that other than the «Records of the Pollock Dynasty», there would be so many other interesting illusion films to watch. Im very happy.”

Hearing Cassandras response, Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

In the legends of the Sines Continent, the impression of dragons was strong, ferocious, and almost impossible to interact with.

However, this Cassandra that had suddenly appeared wasnt ferocious at all and was very easy to interact with. She was almost just like a normal human girl. She was just a bit more infatuated by this «Records of the Pollock Dynasty» which was like an idol drama for Xu Yi which was quite unexpected.

Moreover, Cassandra had said that other than her, almost all the dragons were interested in this which was surprising.

Even if the «Records of the Pollock Dynasty» was good, it was just a story that had humans as the main characters. Would a bunch of dragons find this interesting to watch

“Could it be that these fellows have lived too long and are too bored”

Xu Yi had this idea before asking, “Cassandra, Im very curious. What does your dragon race do normally Do you have any special activities that you do”

“Special activities” Cassandra looked up and seemed to think about it seriously before shaking her head, “Theres nothing special. Other than looking for food, most of the time were just sleeping.”

“As expected……”

Xu Yi nodded as his guess was confirmed.

It seemed like these dragons had too few recreational activities and saw the Magic Illusion Projector after being bored, which was why they liked it so much.

This difference was the biggest difference between dragons and humans, even with most of the other races.

Among the known intelligent races, the humans were without a doubt the ones with the most recreational activities.

Among the other races, including the elves with a highly advanced society that had ruled the continent for several thousand years were well below the humans when it came to recreation because of their personalities.

Before Xu Yi came to the continent, even the recreation in human society was much more monotonous compared to earth.

So when Xu Yi made the Magic Illusion Projector which copied a form of entertainment that was popular on earth, it was accepted by all the races.

Even the dragon race was interested in this form of entertainment.

It could be seen that all intelligent races wanted to be entertained, but they couldnt show it because of the limitations from before.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi looked up at Cassandra and had a bold idea.


The burning heat of summer gradually left in an unwilling manner and when there was a slight chill in the wind, it was a sign that this years autumn had arrived.

Every year at this time, it would be when the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Frestech Touring Tournament of the Frestech Magic Car Racing Circuit would begin.

It was later than the previous two years by two days, but that didnt affect the people who cared about this event.

When the Frestech Touring Tournament started, the arena that was specially made for this outside Frestech City was filled with people. Even if they couldnt enter the arena, they stood outside the arena to watch the Magic Illusion Projectors set up there, not even blinking as they watched.

After several years of being held, the Frestech Magic Car Racing Circuit had become the most watched competition in the countries of the southwest corner.

What people cared about wasnt the event itself, but rather the lotteries and the various private bets that were being held.

According to some incomplete reports from a certain newspaper, after each Frestech Magic Car Racing Circuit tournament was held, the amount of money that was being gambled would be at least a shocking five million gold coins. This was even as good as the annual tax revenue of a small country.

For the sporting event, just from this Frestech Touring Tournament, the income from tickets reached one million and four hundred thousand gold coins.

Because each ticket cost a hundred gold coins and could even be sold for a higher price by scalpers, so for most people, being able to watch this competition had become a symbol of their status.

Out of all the seats in the arena, the best ones would be the most expensive. It wasnt without a doubt the seats that were closest to the main podium, which would cost at least five hundred gold coins per ticket.

As for the main podium

The ones that could sit there were truly important people that were specially invited by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Not to mention normal citizens, even normal nobles and merchants didnt have a chance to sit there.

So normally speaking, there were quite a few seats left in the main podium and would rarely be filled. There were many times where not even half the seats were filled.

However, for this competition today, it was completely filled. It was also surrounded by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and they were tightly guarding it.

It could be seen that there was someone truly important that came to watch the competition today.

When everyone saw that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi was also sitting in the main podium, it confirmed their guesses.

Chairman Xu rarely came to this competition and each time it was to accompany a special guest.

With chairman Xus current position, for him to personally accompany a guest, it would definitely be a very important guest. It would be a very important person that people could rarely meet.

But no matter how hard the people around tried to look in, they could only see a young woman who was relatively small compared to Xu Yi and couldnt see her face.

This made everyone very confused.

It was normal that they couldnt see the young girls face because everyone knew that there were special Magic Arrays around those seats. Chairman Xu was also a powerful Great Magician, so if he didnt want people to see who the guest beside him was, he would have his own methods.

But the problem was, why did he treat this guest so seriously that he wouldnt even let others see her face

“If the people knew that I, as the ruler of a country, personally came to watch a Magic Car race, they would definitely be very surprised, right” Seveni looked around the main seats and found that there were many curious gazes in the crowd looking over, she couldnt help giving a self deprecating smile.

Xu Yi beside her gave a shrug, “Actually, I think youre thinking too much. Even if you openly told everyone that you came to watch this race, I think that no one would say anything.”

Seveni gave a sigh, “Who told them to have so many newspapers in the country pay attention to every one of my moves, reporting everything that I do You should know this, Xu Yi, not everyone in the kingdom supports me.”

“Then let them talk, what is there to be worried about” Xu Yi had an uncaring look on his face, “If they just report on your daily life, it might raise your exposure and increase your popularity in the Lampuri Kingdom, which is a good thing. If they go too far, its very simple, just take care of them.”

“Its a pity that it isnt as easy as you think.” Seveni gave an exhausted sigh before revealing a smile again, “Alright, I came to watch the race today, lets not mention these unhappy matters. Tell me, which car is Cassandra in”-

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