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When Xu Yi came out of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main office building, it was already dark outside and there werent many lights around.

When he looked up, he found that while there were still stars, there wasnt the moon at all.

Seeing the starry night that was brighter than the one on earth and the dense amount of stars, Xu Yi was certain that the planet under his feet wasnt the earth of another dimension, but rather another planet out in the sea of stars.

Xu Yi raised his hand to look at the stars that seemed close to hand, but were actually thousands of light years away before giving a sigh.

He came to this world and wanted to build a complete industrial system, other than satisfying his interests, there was another important reason. He hoped that he would be able to break the atmosphere one day and reach the starry skies.

Although he didnt know what happened when he transmigrated and could be considered confused, his entire body had transmigrated which meant that there should be a way to go back.

Xu Yi didnt know how he transmigrated, so he could only go into outer space. Through space exploration, he hoped that he could find earth again.

However, Xu Yi knew in his heart that this possibility was close to zero.

Even if he could smoothly build a magic machine industry that was equal to earths in this world, it would still take a long time to build a spaceship that could leave the atmosphere.

Even if he reached the same level of technology on earth, he wouldnt be able to freely travel through space.

To achieve this dream in this backwards world was simply a fools dream.

Of course, with enough time to develop, this world might really be able to develop this kind of advanced technology.

But when that time comes, Xu Yi might have already been dead for many years.

So in the end, it was only a dream and it was completely impossible to achieve.

Xu Yi was a very intelligent person and he was very clear on this matter. So when he thought about this again, he couldnt help feeling sad and a bit helpless.

After leaving earth for fifteen years, his friends and family from earth had already faded away from his memories.

In his mind, it was his family like Still that was the most important right now.

What he needed to do was accompany them while also working hard towards his dream.

Even if he couldnt achieve his dream of traveling through space, it wasnt bad to leave it to his descendants.

“But before this, lets understand the world underneath me a bit better first.” Xu Yi gave a self deprecating smile as he thought that he shouldnt try to fly before learning to run.

Turning back to see the lit windows in the building behind him, Xu Yi thought that Kennard was more anxious than him. He really wanted to bring the other continents under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

However, this couldnt be rushed. Xu Yi had discussed this with Kennard for two hours and they just determined the scale and the main candidates of the people to send on the second fleet.

There were many decisions that still required more details.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi reached into his chest to take out the Magic Communicator.

“Hey, Xu Yi, are you asleep yet”

When the Magic Communicator connected, Arch Magus Camillas slightly exhausted voice came out.

“Grandfather, youre not asleep either.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “That…..Ke, how is miss Cassandra doing now”

“Shes doing well, but Im not good.”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Whats wrong”

There was silence from the Magic Communicator for a bit before Arch Magus Camilla asked, “Kid, where are you now”

“I just came out of the main office building, what is it”

“Come to the old place on the north side, I have something to talk to you about.” Arch Magus Camilla hung up after saying this.

Xu Yi looked at the Magic Communicator with a surprised look. He didnt know what was happening to Arch Magus Camilla, he had been acting strange since he met Cassandra.

“Could it be that he was too shocked after seeing the legendary dragon” Xu Yi wondered as he used his flying magic. He kept thinking as he flew to the north side of the main base.

After around twenty minutes, Xu Yi left the main base and quickly felt the magic fluctuations that Arch Magus Camilla released.

“Grandfather, what are you doing here” Xu Yi arrived at a mountain and asked Arch Magus Camilla who seemed to be thinking about something.

“Look, that dragon is watching the «Records of the Pollock Dynasty».” Arch Magus Camilla pointed to the left.

Xu Yi looked in the direction he was pointing and saw a bunch of lights flashing in the valley. It was the bright glow that came from the Magic Illusion Projector.

Under the light, one could see the figure of the dragon in the center of the valley that was completely focused on watching the illusion.

Xu Yi felt a bit speechless.

A dragon was this enamoured by a drama, it really felt strange no matter how you looked at it……

“Ive already watched it for several hours and it has been watching the drama the entire time. Other than a break for a meal, it hasnt even moved once.” Arch Magus Camilla then said, “The way its acting, it really makes me doubt if its the legendary dragon.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “It isnt just you, Im also doubting it as well. Its said that the dragons are ferocious, so why does Cassandra have such a temperate personality It even likes to watch our human dramas”

“Youre wrong, not all dragons are ferocious.” Arch Magus Camilla shook his head, “According to my research on the dragons, this dragon should be from the red dragon tribe with the largest members, who have a famous calm personality. Narvils luck is good, he met this red dragon. If he met the most evil black dragon, the results might be different now.”

“Oh The dragons are divided between red and black dragons”

“It isnt just these two, there are many other kinds, but there arent complete records, so Im not too clear on this.”

“Then didnt you ask Cassandra about this earlier” Xu Yi asked.

“I had more important things to ask, so I didnt ask this.” Arch Magus Camilla shook his head.

“More important things” Xu Yi looked at the serious look on Arch Magus Camillas face and had an idea, “Grandfather, you seem to know something”

Arch Magus Camilla looked at Xu Yi and his expression became strangely serious.

“Xu Yi, do you know what race ruled the continent before the elves”

Xu Yi was surprised, “I dont.”

According to the historical records that Xu Yi read, they only said that the elves ruled the continent before the humans, but they never mentioned who came before the elves.

“Its the legendary Abyss Demon Race.” Arch Magus Camilla said in a deep voice, “According to legends, the Abyss Demon Race are a powerful race that are on par with the dragons and had reproductive abilities that were worse than the elves. So before the elves, the Abyss Demon Race ruled the continent and perhaps the entire world. Then close to ten thousand years ago, for an unknown reason, the Abyss Demon Race suddenly disappeared from the continent and the elves took over.”

“Oh. And then” Xu Yi was a bit confused by this.

Even if the Abyss Demon Race was as terrifying as the legends, it had already been ten thousand years, so how was it related to what was happening now

“Legends say that the Abyss Demon Race didnt completely disappear and retreated to another plane. They will appear in this world again after ten thousand years and rule all the continents again, at which time all other races will be exterminated. Legends say that will be the apocalypse.”

Xu Yi curled his lips and almost broke out in laughter.

Although Arch Magus Camilla had a serious look and tone when he said this, no matter how Xu Yi looked at it, it was nothing more than an old trick…..

Perhaps he could see what Xu Yi was thinking, so Arch Magus Camilla glared at Xu Yi.

“Kid, dont be so quick to judge. This legend isnt just passed down among us humans, its also passed down among the elves. If you dont believe me, you can ask elder Illusia and the others. I didnt believe the legends of the dragons before and now Now theres a living dragon that appeared in front of me.”

Xu Yi quickly revealed a serious look and gave a nod, “Un, I will ask. But grandfather, you said that the Abyss Demon Race will appear in this world again…..how will they appear Will they come through from another dimension”

“No one knows. There are few records on the Abyss Demon Race and I only accidentally found some, so I dont know much more than you. But Im certain that the elves have more records on this, so Ill go ask elder Lisanya about this tomorrow.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and didnt approve or deny this.

As a mechanical engineer from earth, Xu Yi was very doubtful about these ten thousand year old legends.

Several hundred years was already enough to distort facts, not to mention ten thousand years.

This Abyss Demon Race was expelled from the continent ten thousand years ago, so even if they appear in this world again, after close to ten thousand years, the other races, especially the humans had all become especially strong.

Even if the Abyss Demon Race appeared again, what threat could they pose

Seeing that Xu Yi didnt think the same, Arch Magus Camilla didnt bother saying anything else since he understood his personality.

“Alright, I was just reminding you of this matter. Whether you believe it or not, its best to be prepared.”

Arch Magus Camilla pointed at Cassandra in the valley after he finished talking.

“I know that you have something to talk to her about. Remember, although red dragons have a temperate personality, it is still a dragon in the end, so you should be careful.”

“I understand.” Xu Yi nodded.

Seeing Arch Magus Camilla disappear, Xu Yi kneaded his face to focus. Then he flew over to where Cassandra was focused on watching the illusions.-

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