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Xu Yi blinked in a daze.

If it was before meeting Cassandra, he would have been very shocked hearing this news.

However, after talking to Cassadra for a while, he didnt feel any excitement when hearing this news.

“This fellow Narvil……he clearly knew that the Magic Illusion Disc was brought by this dragon Cassandra……”

Xu Yi muttered before he continued to watch.

Through Narvils descriptions in the illusion, Xu Yi had a rough understanding of the situation.

The exploration fleet that Narvil led had landed on the island that the dragons inhabited four months ago. Before this, while they were heading west on the endless seas, although they had encountered many islands and had even encountered many islands inhabited by humans, there was nothing that happened that was worthy of mentioning.

When they arrived at this island and found the legendary dragons, they were terrified.

But what they didnt expect was that the fierce looking dragons werent as ferocious as in the legends, rather they were deeply interested in them, even exchanging with them in a friendly manner.

Through this month of exchange, the fleet had learned many things they didnt know about previously from the dragons.

For example, there were several continents on this world. For example, the Magic Cloud Continent that was the closest to the island, the Magic Cloud Continent where halflings lived all over……

After obtaining this basic information, Narvil had decided that the fleet would explore the Magic Cloud Continent after this.

But he felt that the information that he obtained now was very valuable, so he should report to the sir chairman first.

When Narvil was considering whether to send back people to make the report, there was actually a dragon from the ones that they had contacted who had volunteered to do this for them.

The dragon had powerful vitality and could even fly for a month without any problems. They also flew much faster than the Magic Airships, so if this dragon did this for them, it would save them quite a bit of time.

“Sir chairman, with the existence of the illusion technology, I think that you should be able to accept this kind of report. As for the dragon that sent this report, she should be more persuasive, so I agreed to her suggestion. When you see this report, you should have seen Cassandra already and have talked to her.”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes.

There was no problem with Narvil commanding the fleet, but he still hadnt changed his bad habit of chattering along every time he made a report. He would train him well once he got back.

But Xu Yi felt that this was a bit strange.

According to the what Narvil had said in the illusion, Cassandra should have set off three months ago.

But with the speed of the dragon that surpassed the Magic Airship, ten thousand kilometers wasnt considered far. Why did Cassandra come so slowly

“According to the dragons, the Magic Cloud Continent is less than a thousand kilometers away from this island, so Ive decided that before exploring the Magic Cloud Continent, its best to create a base nearby which will give us a place to retreat to if anything bad happens while exploring.”

Hearing Narvils words, Xu Yi gave a nod of approval.

Narvil could be considered quite prudent, but for the fleet that was ten thousand kilometers away from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, he was correct no matter how prudent he was.

According to Narvils plan, the open sea exploration fleet would have a few ships and a few crew members go on a preliminary exploration of the Magic Cloud Continent. The rest of the ships and personnel would try to find an island near the dragon island with a good environment to build a base first.

When Cassandra had said that “the fleet needed help”, it was just that Narvil needed more manpower and goods.

“Sir chairman, with the good relationship weve built with the dragons, as long as we finish a base on an island, we will have a firm foothold on the Magic Cloud Continent which will be a good foundation for when our company enters the Magic Cloud Continent. This subordinate thinks that we should increase our investment here, while also keeping contact with the dragon race. Ive found that the dragon race have some special needs for goods……”


“Sir chairman, this is a great opportunity!” Kennard slapped the table as he looked at Xu Yi with eyes glowing with excitement, “This is a completely new continent! This means that its a brand new giant market! If our company can control this market, it would mean giant development chances for our company!”

“Dont be excited first.” Xu Yi raised his hand to hint to Kennard to calm down, “Theres two problems right now. One, we cant guarantee the authenticity of this report.”

Kennard was stunned, “Sir chairman, could it be…..that youre doubting Narvil”

“I am unable to determine if this illusion is real or false.” Xu Yi looked at him, “You should know that the illusion is based on the Illusion Array, which means that theres the possibility of creating fake illusions.”

“But the Narvil in the illusion was very accurate, I dont think that a forgery could reach this degree.” Kennard said.

“Right, theres still another possibility, which is that Narvil is playing some tricks. Of course, this is only my inference because Narvil didnt send back a subordinate and had this dragon Cassandra come back to report, which doesnt make sense.”

“Un……” Kennard was silent for a bit before giving a nod, “This indeed doesnt make sense, it shouldnt be possible that Narvil wouldnt have thought of this.”

“The second problem is, even if the illusion is real, what kind of support would be appropriate to give”


Kennard took longer to think this time.

After lowering his head to think for a bit, he said in a certain voice, “As much as we can! Sir chairman, for a company, a completely new market is rare. Our company has been able to develop this quickly over the past few years because there wasnt a magic machine industry market on the Sines Continent. We were about to seize this chance and were able to develop quickly.”

“But now that the other countries have started placing importance on the magic machine industry, our company will no longer be able to monopolize the markets like before. So from now on, the most important problem for us is finding new markets. If this news brought by the dragon is true, then she is bringing us a giant new market. If we dont seize this chance, we might as well kill ourselves!”

Seeing the excited look on Kennards face, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He was certain that Kennard was a true merchant.

There was a small difference from what he thought about.

“But Kennard, since we know about this, we definitely wont be able to hide it from others. Eventually other people and other countries will learn of this. If there are several other continents other than the Sines Continent, wouldnt they also think of this”

“So what if they do” Kennard gave a soft snort before saying in a confident voice, “Only our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has the Magic Ships that can undertake this kind of voyage. Even if they knew that they are other continents, without the Magic Ships, they wont be able to reach them.”

“Did you forget that our Frestech Chamber of Commerces main body is still on the Sines Continent Its impossible to completely abandon it.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “Of course, I also agree with you. A new continent means a new market and no matter what aspect youre thinking of, we must seize this opportunity. Un……”

Xu Yi thought for a bit and picked up a piece of paper which he drew a circle on before he marked it as the Sines Continent. He drew a long line that went to the left and created a point where he wrote Narvils name above. Then he went even further left to create another circle which he marked as the Magic Cloud Continent.

“First we must confirm the authenticity of this information.” Xu Yi tapped on the point with the name Narvil on it, “Then based on the situation, we need to decide how to operate this outpost while at the same time…..”

Xu Yi looked at the line separating them and knitted his brows.

“The biggest problem now is communication. Whether its the island or the Magic Cloud Continent, they are too far away. It takes a long time to transmit any information and any trip would take at least a month. With such a long time in between, many things could change during this time.”

Kennard looked at the dots on the line that Xu Yi drew and knitted his brows, “Sir chairman, it cant be that you want to link them one by one with magic signal towers, right This kind of investment would be terrifying and even our Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt be able to afford it. Moreover…..the environment of the endless seas wouldnt allow it.”

“Un, so thats why its the biggest problem right now.” Xu Yi tapped a few times on the paper before giving up on this problem, “Forget it, we can only solve the communication problem later. The first thing we need to do is confirm the authenticity of this information. Kennard, I want you to make a detailed plan for this right away. Once weve decided to send reinforcements, I need you to organize a fleet with enough power to make this voyage as soon as possible.”

“No problem!” Kennard replied without any hesitation. Then his expression changed as he asked, “Right, sir chairman. That dragon said that there are several other continents other than the Magic Cloud Continent. Should we also try to find the other continents”

“Dont think that you can become fat with just a single bite.” Xu Yi reprimanded him, “The most important is that our company isnt strong enough to support all these exploration voyages right now.”

Kennard blinked in a daze before only being able to give a dejected sigh.-

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