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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 103

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What benefits can I get

The entire crowd was silent.

Everyone looked at Xu Yi on the stage in a daze, as they all felt that there was something wrong with their eyes.

This fellow was clearly also participating in the Primary Grade exam, so why was it that just by raising his hand, he could send the genius magician who was at least in the Fourth Grade flying

Xu Yi looked at Eren lying under the stage not moving at all and gave a cold laugh.

This kids magic power wasnt bad, but his mental endurance and ability to take a hit was too weak. Although his fireball was the Fourth Grade Spell Thunder Crack Fireball, with a powerful might, since he already had the Second Grade Water Mark Spell to defend him, this fireball wouldnt have done that much damage to him.

However, this kid actually fainted like this. It was probably because he fainted out of his shock and fear.

“Magic genius” Xu Yi shook his head and turned to the staff member under the stage to ask, “Does this count as me passing”

The staff member had an ugly expression as he looked at Eren who had been taken away by a few staff members of the Magicians Guild before looking back at Xu Yi. He calmed himself and gave a slight nod.

Xu Yi had knocked the examiner flying in front of all these people, if this wasnt considered passing the test, what could be considered passing

“Very good.” Xu Yi obtained the results he wanted and wasnt prepared to waste anymore time here. After walking off the stage, he patted the stunned Erwin and said a few words of encouragement to him before leaving the test area. However, he didnt head back to Anvilmar City and went to a place even further away from the city.

Coming out around five kilometers out of the city, he came to an area of flat farmland.

When he was still quite far away, he could hear the mechanical sounds coming from the farmland.

When he came closer, he saw that in this little patch of farmland of around five-six mus, there were three magic machines that were moving through it. There were all kinds of holes created in these fields and all kinds of marks were left.

Beside each magic machine were several people who followed the magic machine along while recording some things down in the notebooks in their hands.

To the side was a young man and woman, who was currently pointing at the magic machines in the field as they discussed in a low voice.

“Hey, mister Harvey, miss Seveni, youve already been watching for a day, so what kind of results do you have” Xu Yi greeted the two beside the field in a large voice.

These two were the two agricultural department officials who had found Xu Yi yesterday and requested that they get a demonstration of the agricultural magic machines.

After Xu Yi had agreed, the two had very quickly found some people to bring the six agricultural magic machines Xu Yi had brought out of the city and to a test farmland they had already prepared.

Since yesterday afternoon, these two had been studying the magic machines the entire time and they still hadnt stopped today. This proved what Harvey had said to Xu Yi, the agricultural department really did put great importance on these magic machines.

“Chairman Xu, good afternoon.” Harvey waved his hand to Xu Yi. His attitude was even warmer compared to yesterday and there was a trace of excitement in his voice, “Although we still havent received the final results, I can be certain that chairman Xu isnt wrong at all. I was completely shocked by the power of these machines! Look……” Harvey pointed at the large plot of farmland in front of him, “This large piece of land, I just used three people and three machines and in less than a day, they actually completely finished loosening the earth, digging the holes, and leaving trenches. If this was to be done with pure manpower, it would take at least twenty adults to finish in the same amount of time!”

The female official called Seveni to the side also gave a slight nod, “Chairman Xu, I somewhat understand now why Count Sean placed such importance on you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. These agricultural magic machines are indeed outstanding, it only took three machines to finish all this hard labour. If it can be popularized, all the desolate land in the kingdom could be developed and it would greatly increase the harvest of the kingdom. If this matter can be realized, perhaps there would no longer be famine that would ever occur in the kingdom!”

When she reached the end, the always calm Seveni in Xu Yis mind actually showed a bit of excitement.

Xu Yi gave a slight nod, “That is the goal that me and our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is chasing. Mister Harvey, miss Seveni, luckily his majesty is wise and appointed you two to have full authority in this matter. Otherwise if it was given to someone like Lord Fisher, Im very certain that this matter would be suppressed and wouldnt reach the result that I wished for at all.”

Harvey revealed a faint smile, how could he not hear the warning Xu Yi was giving them He said with a nod, “I ask chairman Xu to be assured. Agriculture is the base of the kingdom and anything that can raise the harvest will have his majestys close attention and importance. The two of us has received his majestys orders and no one else is allowed to interfere in this matter. If there is another person like Lord Fisher who comes to bother you, you can directly ignore them.”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows, “Im afraid thats a bit hard. I am only a small merchant, I am not like you all with his majesty behind you. If I offend someone, whether I can leave Anvilmar City safely is a problem.”

Harvey and Seveni looked at each other before they started smiling.

“Chairman Xu, you dont need to worry about this matter at all. Everyone now knows that you will have an audience with his majesty soon, so there definitely wont be anyone coming to cause trouble with you. When you meet his majesty, I can promise that no one will casually come looking for you to cause trouble in the future. Of course, that is on the premise that we can come to a cooperation in the future.”

The final words were a hidden warning.

Xu Yi thought about it before asking, “Alright, mister Harvey, Ill believe your promise for now. But as for the cooperation you mentioned…...Can I ask what you are planning to do How do you want me to cooperate with you”

“This……” Harvey fell silent for a while and looked over at Seveni before saying with a serious look, “Chairman Xu, this should have been discussed after you met his majesty, but since you are asking about it now, I might as well disclose a bit to you. We hope that you will give us the production methods for the agricultural magic machines and help our agricultural department set up a production line for the agricultural magic machines, so we can directly popularize these agricultural magic machines in the kingdom.”

After hearing this, Xu Yi didnt know whether to be happy or angry.

It seemed like no matter which world it was, politicians were all shameless.

Compared to Harvey, those fellows from the Banta City Business Union were even better.

“Can I ask, what will me and my Frestech Chamber of Commerce gain from this matter” Xu Yi asked.

“Chairman Xu, there are many gains from this matter, his majesty will definitely give you proper compensation.” Harvey was not surprised by Xu Yis question and said with a full smile, “If this plan succeeds, his majesty will give you a special award. Which means that as long as you help us complete this plan, you will be able to rid yourself of your commoner identity and officially become a noble.”

“Just this”

Harvey looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Chairman Xu, going from a commoner to a noble, this is something that many people dream of. You have to know, other than in times of battle, normally there wouldnt be a situation where a special award is given.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh. He pointed at the magic machines rolling along in the farmland and asked Harvey, “Do you know how much each magic machines costs”

Harvey and Seveni were stunned. They clearly never thought that Xu Yi would suddenly bring the topic here.

“This…..Im sorry, I dont know.” Harvey thought about it and honestly shook his head.

“A small Magic Excavator costs fifty eight gold coins. A small Magic Harvester costs seventy gold coins. A small Magic Plowing Machine costs sixty give gold coins. A small Magic Bulldozer costs sixty gold coins. A…..”

Xu Yi said this while looking at their expressions.

As he listed each machine, Harvey and Sevenis faces also became ugly.

When Xu Yi finished, the smiles on their faces had completely disappeared.

Watching the two of them in silence, Xu Yi smiled before continuing, “Banta City is only a small city in the kingdom, but our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has already sold over a hundred agricultural magic machines. Then if we use this number to calculate the entire kingdom, I think it wouldnt be a problem to say it would be over ten thousand machines. Even if each agricultural magic machine only brought an income of one gold coin, that would be a large profit of ten thousand gold coins. But mister Harvey, according to your method of cooperation, this is equal to me giving up this profit and exchanging it for a lord title that is just in name, right”

“No, you will also receive his majestys favour and his care.” Harvey quickly said, “I think this is very important to you and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right”

Xu Yi looked at him with a ghost of a smile and after seeing his face flush, he said, “Mister Harvey, no one is a child here, there is no need for that rubbish. My thoughts are very simple, to have us cooperate with the agricultural department and complete your plans, increasing the harvest of the kingdom and let everyone have enough to eat, there is no problem here, Im very willing to cooperate. But accordingly, me and my company should receive a corresponding compensation. If this compensation cannot satisfy me, I can only say Im sorry. Perhaps the agricultural departments plan is very good, but compared to this, it would be better for me to implement the plan myself. Mister Harvey, I dont think youll doubt the Frestech Chamber of Commerces ability to implement the farmer support plan by ourselves across the kingdom, right”-

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