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After each departments manager gave their report and after Kennard gave the general report, everyone turned back to look at Xu Yi.

Although it had been several years since Xu Yi managed the company, only managing the companys general direction of development, in the minds of the people, he was still the irreplaceable chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. At each year end meeting, only after he gave the year end summary could the meeting end.

At the end of the meeting, when Xu Yi gave last years summary, he would also give directions for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development in the new year. It was considered setting some goals that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to complete.

Therefore, for the high level members of the company, Xu Yis year end summary was always the most important thing.

However this time, when Xu Yi spoke, he didnt summarize the companys business like before. He looked at Kennard and after exchanging looks, he looked at everyone and slowly said, “The companys current development has reached the standard that I expected and it even surpasses it, so I feel that its time for restructuring.”

When the word “restructuring” was said, the meeting room fell silent.

After a while, everyone finally reacted and looked at each other as they couldnt help whispering to each other.

Xu Yi patiently waited for a bit before tapping the table and bringing back everyones attention.

“Ive already proposed this two years ago, so I dont think theres a need to be this surprised.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “As for our companys restructuring, it is something that has to happen, so it isnt strange.”

“But……” Although Ankhto wasnt even forty yet, he could be considered a veteran among the high level members, so he spoke first, “Sir chairman, I think that the company is developing very well right now and is operating smoothly, theres no need for a restructuring, right What if……What if the restructuring doesnt go well and harms us instead”

With Ankhto taking the lead, the others all followed along.

“Right, sir chairman, everyone is working well together, why do we need to separate them with restructuring”

“Thats right, if were all gathered together, its easier to work with each other. After the restructuring, everyone will be taking care of their own matters, so if theres anything that takes a lot of processing from many people, it will be very troublesome.”

“Hei, Nasus, you say that like it wasnt troublesome to cooperate between departments before”

“That was because of sir chairmans high standards, you cant blame that on our department, right”



“Alright.” Xu Yi tapped on the table again and cut everyones arguments off, “Ive already announced the restructuring two years ago and gave you two years to adapt. Based on the current situation, it seems like youve adapted quite well.”

Xu Yi looked at the two who were arguing and their faces turned red as they gave dry laughs.

“The reason we must restructure is because the company is becoming bigger and bigger. If we maintain the current organization structure, it will seriously impact our companys development. Not mentioning anything else, to let Kennard manage the matters of each department will make him die of exhaustion sooner or later.”

Kennard on the side revealed a grin, “Dying of exhaustion for the company is a good way to die, I dont mind.”

Xu Yi could only roll his eyes at him, “You dont have a problem, but if Count Emma and Sophia knew that I caused you to die from exhaustion, they would definitely come here to kill me.”

Xu Yi turned to look at the others after he said this and continued, “I know what you are worried about, you dont have the confidence in taking care of your own departments, right”

The managers all revealed embarrassed smiles when Xu Yi looked at them.

It was indeed as Xu Yi had said.

As managers of departments, to let them be responsible for various things in the department was something that they were familiar with. However, sir chairmans restructuring was to separate those departments from the company and create a branch under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which was equal to creating a whole new company that they would manage themselves, so they werent confident.

But other than these few people, the other managers had glowing eyes that were filled with excitement and eagerness.

Although managing a company by themselves was a big challenge for them, it was also a very big opportunity.

If they could grasp it well, they would without a doubt gain many benefits. Even as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed, they would be able to match the truly powerful people, not just being the manager of one department in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that they currently were.

Seeing the reactions of these people, Xu Yi gave a secret nod.

He wasnt against the ambitions in the hearts of his subordinates, rather he supported them very much.

During this fast period of development for the magic machine industry, he needed these talented people who could take responsibility, had ambition, and had courage.

These department managers had proven their skills over the years and as long as they adapted to their new identities, they would definitely play a bigger role.

“I dont care if youre confident or not, the restructuring must happen.” Xu Yi said in a loud voice, “I will give you a choice. If you admit that you cant handle this responsibility, you can choose to retire and I will find someone else to replace you.”

Xu Yi silently waited for three minutes, but not a single person in the room spoke.

“Very good, it seems like youre confident in the end.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “But I must warn you that this means you will be stable in your new positions. If any of you cannot do this, then I will definitely replace you, understood”

The people in the room looked at each other before giving strong nods.

“Good. Kennard, announce the initial restructuring plan.”

Kennard nodded and stood up with a thick document. He cleared his throat and said in a clear voice, “According to sir chairmans proposal, the company will now carry out the following restructuring. The initial plan is to separate the companys departments into their own branch companies. There will be theFrestech Household Machine Chamber of Commerce, theFrestech Steel Alloy Chamber of Commerce, theFrestech Communication Chamber of Commerce......”


“......Frestech Magic Car Chamber of Commerce,Frestech Heavy Machine Chamber of Commerce,Frestech Transport Chamber of Commerce......”

The Candra Empires Magic Machine Industry Management Departments chief Count Raphael Irvine held a «Candra Times» in his left hand and a «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» in his right hand, comparing the two. After confirming that the two were exactly the same, he revealed a look of doubt.

“What about the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility and the military magic machine department They werent separated”

The middle age man sitting to his right who looked to be around fifty years old, clean cut, and had a pair of bright eyes took a sip of his tea before saying with a faint smile, “Lord Count, this is normal. Xu Yi always placed importance on research and called it the foundation of the magic machine industry, of course he wouldnt separate it from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. As for the military magic machines…..I think you can already guess the reason, right”

Count Irvine gave a sigh and threw the «Candra Times» and the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» onto the table.

“Of course its not hard to guess. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce being something that cant be offended is because they have the powerful military magic machines. How could Xu Yi throw away such important things But Im very confused, why would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suddenly reorganize themselves Why would they throw out all these departments and create so many new companies”

The middle aged man said while laughing, “Lord Count, this isnt strange at all. Once an organization reaches a certain extent, they will definitely have to restructure their organization. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is already big enough and if Xu Yi couldnt think of this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would collapse in a few years from internal conflicts.”

“But now that hes separated all these departments, isnt that breaking himself into pieces” Count Irvine was still confused.

“No, Lord Count, you should notice that theres the wordFrestech in front of all these companies. This means that although they are new companies, they are still controlled by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Its no different from before, theres just some restructuring in name.” The middle aged man said.

“Un, I can imagine this, but Xu Yi isnt worried that his control over those companies will weaken in the future.” Count Irvine was still confused.

The middle aged man slightly knitted his brows and thought for a bit before shaking his head.

“This……I dont really understand it either. Properly speaking, if Xu Yi wanted to restructure, he could have done it internally and there was no need to do all this. According to what the report said, these companies that were separated would be in charge of their own finances, so there will be good and bad. Its fine if its good, but what if its bad Does Xu Yi plan on not caring”

Count Irvine and the middle aged man thought about it for a bit before shaking their heads.

“What Xu Yi has done this time really is confusing. Anyway, no matter what happens, what happens in the future will decide if his choice was right or not.” Count Irvine gave a sigh before focusing his mind again, “But this time, he will have made a mistake. Clarence, has your Chimera Chamber of Commerce figured out what to do”

The middle aged man who was called Clarence revealed a dangerous smile.

“Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has broken themselves apart, of course we wont be polite.”-

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