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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 102

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Primary Grade exam

Although the Magicians Guild was in Anvilmar City, because there were too many people who had registered, the location of the exam was arranged outside the city.

Xu Yi smoothly entered the site of with his registration badge and ran into quite a few people who took the initiative to talk to him.

The day of the registration, in order to recruit more workers for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi had taken the chance to talk to every magician he saw.

Although there were few people who agreed, Xu Yis conversation skills were quite good and he had left a good impression on these people. So when these people saw him, naturally they came to greet him.

“Hey, Xu Yi, I never thought that you had this many personal connections.” Seeing Xu Yi come over, Erwin punched his shoulder as he spoke with a smile.

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Theres no other choice, Im just too handsome.”

Erwin laughed, “So cocky. An old bachelor like you and youre still saying your face is handsome If Roy and the others heard this, they would laugh themselves to death.”

Xu Yi helplessly rolled his eyes.

Back in the Senkaiser School, because Xu Yi was already twenty four, being much older than most of his classmates and adding in the fact that he didnt have time to interact with girls since he was still integrating into this world, he was called an old bachelor by them.

Xu Yi was helpless in refuting, so he could just let them be.

“Wheres Rooney and Bob” Xu Yi looked around before asking.

“They arent participating in the Preliminary Grade exam like us, of course theyre not here.” Erwin said with a smile.

“Oh…..” Xu Yi then remembered, the Magicians Guild exams were separated by grades. The first day was the Primary Grade test and there werent any limits. The second day was a test for Primary Grade Magicians and if they passed, they would become Second Grade Magicians.

The third day was a test for Second Grade Magicians. And so it went like this, with the last day being the exam for Fourth Grade Magicians which is the Fifth Grade exam.

“Alright, lets hurry up and take care of this Primary Grade exam. Dont you feel its embarrassing having the two of us stand here like this” Erwin said.

“Embarrassing” Xu Yi was surprised before he reacted.

If one was a magician with outstanding talent, they would have been taught magic since they were young. Normally one would take the Primary Grade exam when they were ten to become an official magician.

For someone like Erwin who was nineteen and still hadnt passed the Primary Grade exam, it meant that he didnt have an outstanding talent.

And as for Xu Yi who was already twenty seven and hadnt passed the Primary Grade exam, his talent must be even lower. In his entire life, it was impossible for him to become a Great Magician.

Standing among a group of kids who were ten and participating in this exam, no wonder Erwin felt this was embarrassing.

But it was a good thing it wasnt just embarrassing for them. Other than them, there were also quite a few magicians in their twenties with average talent. There was even a white haired old man who seemed to be over sixty years old.

Seeing this old man covered in a black magic robe, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling respect for him.

To still persist in participating in the Primary Grade exam at his age, this grandfather must really love magic.

Very soon, the Magicians Guild staff member in charge announced that the exam would be starting.

Because this was a Primary Grade exam, other than checking a magicians magic power, they also needed to test a magicians fundamental understanding and interpretation of magic. So other than the combat exam, there was a written exam that came first.

Xu Yi took the exam scroll and couldnt help smiling.

He had already studied the contents back in the Senkaiser School, but the scope of the questions was a bit deeper.

Erwin could graduate from the Senkaiser School, so there was definitely no problem passing this written test.

The reason why he didnt pass the Primary Grade exam before was obviously because of the combat test.

No wonder he chose to become an adventurer after graduation. This was because a dangerous job like being an adventurer could let him increase his combat experience, allowing him to be much more relaxed in the combat test.

No wonder he was filled with confidence this time. It had to be known that this fellow had one of the lowest magical talents among all their roommates.

The problems on the scroll werent any problems for Erwin, so naturally Xu Yi who was considered a genius in the Senkaiser School would find it to be a cinch.

After less than half an hour, Xu Yi had completely answered all the questions on the test paper.

With his discretion as an engineer, Xu Yi checked over his answers twice. After confirming that there were no problems, he handed in the test paper.

After leaving the test area, he found that there was already a person waiting there.

Seeing Xu Yi come out, a taunting smile appeared on that persons face.

“You actually took this long for a Primary Grade written test, do you still dare say that you dont have a special relation to Great Magician Camilla”

Xu Yi knit his brows to look at this youth who seemed to be underaged still and revealed a thoughtful look. After thinking for a while, he finally clapped his hands and pointed at him while shouting, “I finally remember! Youre that person I met when I was registering called what…...Anke Galen”

“Eren!” Anke Eren thought that no one would forget him once they saw him, but he never thought that Xu Yi would only remember him after thinking for a while and even got his name wrong. He instantly flew into a rage, “Xu Yi, Im telling you, you are dead today!”

Xu Yi shook his head, thinking that this kid must definitely be pampered by his family.

He was disinclined to arguing with a kid and directly found a place to sit, patiently waiting for the next test.

But this manner enraged Anke even more. He came in front of Xu Yi and pointed at Xu Yis nose as he said in a loud voice, “Xu Yi, do you hear me You are dead today!”

Xu Yi helplessly looked up and asked a bit weakly, “Alright, why am I dead”

“Why” Seeing that Xu Yi was finally talking to him, Eren laughed into the sky before answering with a proud look, “Because you offended me! Let me tell you, you actually dare to look down on this genius, this genius will definitely ruin your life. Do you know that a person with a special recommendation doesnt need to take a written exam at all So why did you take the written exam”

“Oh” Xu Yi was actually a bit surprised, “Based on your appearance, this was your doing”

“Of course! Humph, with only a single word from me, not to mention taking away your special recommendation, its even easy to directly take away your right to participate in the exam. What Are you afraid”

“Aiya, I really am afraid.” Xu Yi revealed a fearful look, “Then Ill ask young master Eren, why did you leave me mercy Why are you still letting me take the exam”

“You dont even understand this This is because this genius will destroy you in the combat test and let everyone know the fate of daring to shame this genius!” Eren said in a fierce voice.

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Although he had heard of a child like this before, one who thought that he could do whatever he wanted since he was pampered since he was young, this was his first time seeing one in real life.

As facts shown, this kind of child really made people hate him.

“Eren, I remember that last time you said that you were a Fourth Grade Magician, right” Xu Yi suddenly asked.

Eren laughed as he proudly said, “What Are you afraid You can be assured, to take care of trash who hasnt even passed the Primary Grade exam, I dont need to use Fourth Grade Magic to take care of you. I can easily take care of you with Second Grade Magic.”

“You really will only use Second Grade Magic” Xu Yi then asked.

Eren knit his brows, “This genius has always kept his words! You just wait, when I meet you in the combat test, I definitely will only use Second Grade Magic!”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile before closing his eyes to ignore Eren.

Eren wanted to throw a few more threats at him, but seeing Xu Yi close his eyes and clearly looking like he was going to ignore him, he could only angrily leave for now.

After the written test was over, there were looks of joy and worry on the people leaving the exam site. It seemed like even with this simple magic theory test, there were many people who didnt pass.

But Erwin had a large smile and a relaxed look, so it could be seen that there was no problem with him passing the written test.

After the written test, there were a series of other tests. That included the magic test, the magic elemental energy control test, the meditation test, and many other tests. Finally was the most important test, which was the combat test that everyone looked forward to.

Everyone magician on the Sines Continent knew that a magicians strength would be measured with actual combat in the end. So, the combat test naturally became the most important test.

Of course, the combat test wasnt a fighting tournament, they wouldnt let participating magicians slaughter each other. Rather they had higher grade magicians from the Magicians Guild spar with them, letting these higher grade magicians judge them based on actual combat.

Normally speaking, the Magicians Guild would sent some rather old magicians with rich experience, but this time everyone noticed something was different.

In the crowd of magicians where the youngest one was in his forties, there were several young magicians. Among them was a magician who wasnt even of age yet!

Seeing Anke Eren looking at him with a complacent gaze, Xu Yi couldnt help laughing.

This fellow really put in some effort to deal with him, actually using his connections to become an examiner here.

And to cover for himself, he even thought to arrange some other young magicians to become examiners with him to avoid making it too obvious.

There was no need to mention it, when it was time for Xu Yis exam, the examiner would definitely be him.

In the beginning, the participant magicians doubted the young magicians because of their age, but after a few rounds, no one had any more doubts.

These examiners were young, but their magic power was enough. No matter what kind of methods the examinees used, they couldnt budge them at all.

The one who looked underage was even more astonishing. Even with how young he was, whenever he made a move, he either used a Grade Three or Grade Four Spell!

These magic spells were not considered much in the eyes of powerful magicians, but when they appeared on an underaged magician, it was very shocking.

With the age and magic level of this youth, he could be considered a rare genius magician of the Lampuri Kingdom!

While everyone was praising him, it quickly became Xu Yis turn to take the test.

And as expected, the one in charge of his test was Anke Eren.

Seeing Xu Yi walk onto the stage, Anke Erens smile became even more complacent. He lowered his voice to say, “Xu Yi, you just wait, no matter what you display, I will give you the lowest evaluation and wont let you pass this test. Offending me, I wont let you even become a Primary Grade Magician!”

Xu Yi wasnt surprised at all, rather he said with a smile, “Dear young master Eren, do you remember your promise”

Eren was stunned, but he suddenly remembered and said with a cold snort, “Che, Grade Two Magic is Grade Two Magic. Just with a piece of trash like you, I only need Grade Two Magic to mess you up. I definitely wont let you display anything and will let you lose face in front of everyone!”

Xu Yi ignored the rest of his words and nodded with a faint smile, “Its good that you remember your promise.”

After a while, Eren hinted to Xu Yi to begin the exam. He raised a hand and a light blue glowing water shield appeared in front of him.

Xu Yi recognized this water shield as the Second Grade Water Attributed Water Mark Spell. This Eren actually did what he said, but he couldnt help revealing a smile as he raised his hand and sent out a fireball.

“Just a trivial First Grade Fireball Spell, you actually dare take it out to embarrass yourself…..” Eren had a cold smile on his face, but he saw the fireball Xu Yi throw out become faster as the red fireball filled with a purple colour. There were even traces of lightning flashing in it. He instantly revealed a look of great shock, “Its actually the Thunder Crack Fireball Spell, how is this possible……”


The fireball suddenly hit Erens shield and the water shield swayed before it was cracked by the fireball.

A powerful force came out of the fireball and Eren only had time to give a grunt before he was sent flying from the stage.-

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