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Until the Magic Sedan reached their destination, Xu Yi hadnt said a single thing along the way.

Chairman Cruise who wanted to talk saw the calm look on Xu Yis face and felt that the atmosphere in the Magic Sedan was strange, so he tactfully knew to close his mouth.

When the Magic Sedan stopped, Xu Yi got out first. Chairman cruise followed him and after a pause, he decided to change the topic.

“Hei, Xu Yi, you are a large companys chairman now, why do you like driving the Magic Sedan yourself You should learn from the other important people and get a personal driver, shouldnt you This would save quite a bit of effort.”

Xu Yi turned to look at him and casually threw down a few words.

“If there was a driver, you wouldnt have been able to say what you just said, right”

Seeing Xu Yi had already turned around to leave, chairman Cruise couldnt help revealing a bitter smile.

Why did he have to raise that rumour in front of Xu Yi

But based on Xu Yis reaction, this rumour was…..most likely true.

This would mean that the relationship between Xu Yi and her majesty was closer than anyone had imagined. There was even a crystallization of their love, which was prince Kain.

This also explained why the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had always supported the Lampuri Kingdom, as well as why her majesty had always had a special fondness for Xu Yi.

All the questions could be answered if this was the answer.

Chairman Cruise thought about it and he couldnt help revealing a faint smile.

If this was true, there was no need to worry that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will give up on the Lampuri Kingdom and go to another country.

Because Prince Kain will definitely inherit the Lampuri Kingdoms throne, so why would Xu Yi give up supporting the country where his son was the king

As long as they had the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Lampuri Kingdoms prospects were good. The Amrit Chamber of Commerce who was from the Lampuri Kingdom didnt need to worry about the other companies, especially those companies that came from the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire.

Of course, even without this relation, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had always been close to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He believed that Xu Yi wouldnt give up on him as a partner.

Thinking of this, chairman Cruise quickly went forward. He caught up to Xu Yi and moved into the large building with a sign up in front of them.

The sign read “First Wimbledon Architectural Material Production Base Workshop”, which was the main workshop in this architectural material production base.

According to the contract the Candra Empire and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had reached, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce would be paving one hundred and sixty thousand kilometers of road in the Candra Empire in three years. The amount of cement, steel bars, concrete, and other materials would reach an astronomical figure.

Although it wasnt impossible to transport these materials from the Stantine Duchy and the Lampuri Kingdom that was over a thousand kilometers away, this would without a doubt greatly increase the price.

So after the Candra Empire and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce discussed this, they decided to build a production base to produce these materials outside of Wimbledon City, only providing construction materials for paving the roads.

This production wasnt under the Frestech Chamber of Commerces name. Rather the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only provided initial guidance and technical support, with the main control being held by the Candra Empire.

According to the initial contract the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Candra Empire signed, the Candra Empire had 60% of the stocks while the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had 40% of the stocks. However, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce stated that since they would be the ones using this material, in order to guarantee the quality of the road, they had to participate as well to guarantee the quality of the building materials.

Although the Candra Empire wasnt satisfied with the reason the Amrit Chamber of Commerce gave, based on the situation, they had to agree to the Amrit Chamber of Commerces request. So the final stock shares were redivided, with the Candra Empire having 50%, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce having 30%, and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce having 20%.

This was the first day this production base was in operation, which was the first day the workshop mainly producing cement would start working. Xu Yi and the chairman Cruise as the representatives of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce came for an inspection. Naturally the Candra Empire side had also sent important people to inspect.

Seeing the two walk over, the Candra Empires Magic Machine Industry Department chief, Count Raphael Irvine and the speaker of the Candra Infrastructure Committee, Count Thatcher Mardoff were already waiting for them in front of the workshop with a bunch of subordinates.

“Chairman Xu, chairman Cruise, welcome, welcome.” Count Irvine reached his hand towards Xu Yi with a smile.

Xu Yi and chairman Cruise both shook hands with the two of them and then they quickly introduced their subordinates before the group walked into the factory.

When they came in, they heard the sounds coming from in front of them.

Looking up, they saw a row of new machines all lined up, making up a cement production line that was around a hundred meters long.

The Magic Grinder at the very far end that was in charge of crushing started working.

Powder dust came from the exit hatch and seemed to be collected by an invisible power before being fed into a tube that was on the side.

In this way, the most toxic dust pollution that came from producing cement on earth had been minimalized.

At the same time, there were coniferous plants placed all over the factory. Even if there was still dust in the air, they would be filtered out by these special plants of the elf tribe, making the workshop look very neat. One couldnt tell that it was a cement factory at all.

“Hei, Xu Yi, I forgot to talk to you about this. Were these plants made by those elves Sell some to our company, our workers have been coughing all day because of all the dust at the work site and it affects our efficiency.” Chairman Cruise pointed at the plants around the factory.

“I already told you many times that you need to care about the health problems of your workers and I gave you a solution, did you not pay attention” Xu Yi knitted his brows as he looked at him.

Chairman Cruise gave a dry laugh and turned his head over, “The workers found it troublesome and not many people followed it……”

Xu Yi gave a soft snort. He thought, it isnt just your Amrit Chamber of Commerce workers who dont care, its your Amrit Chamber of Commerce who doesnt care about the health of your workers.

In the end, the Sines Continent had a society that was a mix of slave society and feudal society, so no one care about human rights and they wouldnt care about the benefits this brought.

In the eyes of a company chairman like chairman Cruise, even if the workers die, he wouldnt feel anything.

Moreover, even if a worker did die, it was just considered bad luck. There wouldnt be things like on earth where a company would need to take responsibility and pay compensation……

Thinking of this, Xu Yi turned to Count Irvine and Count Mardoff on the side and asked with a serious look, “Two Lord Counts, in the development of the magic machine industry, talented workers are of the highest demand. So I hope that you can remind the magic machine companies of your Candra Empire to take care of your workers health and safety.”

Count Irvine and Count Mardoff nodded with faint smiles, but their expression clearly showed that they didnt care.

Xu Yi secretly shook his head. He knew that his words were nothing more than words to them and without suffering, they wouldnt understand it.

Chairman Cruise had suffered a bit at Xu Yis hands and he shook his head. He turned to look at the finished products at the end of the cement production line and grabbed some cement powder, rubbing it first before putting it up to his nose and then looking at it. He then walked over to a bucket of water in the corner of the workshop and scooped up some water.

Xu Yi saw his movements and couldnt help glaring at him. He slapped the cement that had already mixed with the water out of his hands and said, “Do you not want your hand anymore”

Chairman Cruise was surprised before waving his hand with a smile, “Its fine, I do this normally and its just a bit harder to wash my hands afterwards.”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes. He thought that these fellows really had a weak understanding of safety.

As for the safety guides that he gave out with the magic machines sold, these fellows definitely didnt look at them many times.

“Do this less in the future.” Xu Yi said to chairman Cruise again before looking at the mixed cement on the floor and asking chairman Cruise, “How is it What is the quality”

Chairman Cruise gave a satisfied nod, “Very good! The quality of the cement isn't worse than your Frestech Chamber of Commerces. Un…..accurately speaking, its even better than the cement that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce had produced in the beginning several years ago.”

After saying this, he turned to give a signal to Count Irvine and Count Mardoff to show his approval.

Count Irvine and Count Mardoff both immediately revealed wide smiles.

“Chairman Cruise, please be assured, this three year road plan is very important to his majesty and this production base is the most important facility, so of course we would pay great attention to it and the quality of the products.”

“Un, very good. If all the materials have the same quality in the future, then the most important thing is guaranteeing production capacity so that our company can efficiently pave roads. If this is true, we will definitely be able to easily accomplish this plan in three years.” Chairman Cruise said with a smile.

Count Irvine revealed a smile as well before suddenly coming closer to Xu Yi, pointing at the production line that was thundering away, “Chairman Xu, look, this cement factory is already starting production and everything has gone smoothly. The other factories in this production base will start operating soon, but…..if it is only this base, it might be hard to satisfy all the demand of the empire in the future……”

Xu Yi looked at him with a ghost of a smile, “Lord Count, what do you want to say”

“Ke…..Chairman Xu, all the equipment is shipped from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce which is so far away, dont you think that this is inconvenient”

Xu Yi revealed a meaningful smile, “Lord Counts meaning is……you want to make these production magic machines”

Count Irvine gave a laugh, “If chairman Xu is willing to transfer the technology, we would be deeply grateful.”

Xu Yi looked at him with a smile, thinking that it was going as he had expected.

The Candra Empire was one of the two empires of the continent, naturally they wouldnt be willing to accept the arrangements of others like certain smaller countries.

But if they wanted to do everything themselves this quickly, they were overestimating themselves…..-

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