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The book was very thin, only having a few pages, so there wasnt much recorded on it. It should be said that other than being a table of contents, there wasnt much substantial information here.

However, seeing what was recorded in the book, Xu Yi couldnt help focusing on it.

There were only around five things recorded here and the first three were related to magic.

But it wasnt normal magic, it was only a simple introduction, or it could even be considered a legend.

For example, the first description was talking about two hundred years ago, there was a Great Magician who wasnt that famous who was studying Fire Magic. He suddenly had an idea of putting a Magic Crystal on his waist and then drawing in the Fire Elemental Magic Energy around him into the Magic Crystal, resonating the magic inside him and the Magic Crystal together.

The result was……although that Great Magician wasnt blown up because of his powerful magic energy, his magic power was disrupted and he was heavily injured, causing his level of magic to greatly drop. In the end, he was only able to recover to the level of an Eighth Grade Magician.

This Great Magician who regretted it after recorded this and shared it with the Magicians Guild headquarters, hoping that the Magicians Guild would publish this so there wouldnt be another magician who made this mistake.

The second introduction was related to a normal magician that wasnt famous.

This magician loved to study Wind Magic and loved to try other methods when studying Wind Magic.

When a normal magician used Wind Magic to fly, they would use Wind Elemental Magic Energy to surround their bodies before using it to fly.

However, this magician had a different idea and thought of a different method. When he flew, not only did he surround himself in Wind Elemental Magic Energy, he also used Wind Magic to create a vortex behind him that propelled him.

Like this, he was able to fly much faster than normal magicians.

But this consumed a lot of magic power, so he couldnt fly as far as normal magicians.

The third introduction was a diagram.

From this diagram, one could see that it was a magic flying item.

Based on the writing on the side, it seemed to be a Magic Battleship.

“Is this Magic Battleship similar to the Magic Battleship that the elves used several thousand years ago” Xu Yi pointed at this diagram as he asked Great Magician Ferguson.

“During the race wars, our human magicians developed this Magic Battleship to resist the Magic Battleships of the elves. It seems similar, but there are quite a few differences.” Great Magician Ferguson said.

“This means…..that there are materials for this Magic Battleship at the Magicians Guild headquarters”

“Thats right.” Great Magician Ferguson nodded as he revealed a bit of pride in his eyes, “The headquarters even has a prototype from two thousand years ago left. Chairman Xu, you must be very interested in this, right”

Xu Yi looked at him and found it a bit funny.

If it was for the three kinds of magic described in this book, the least important one to him was the Magic Battleship that Great Magician Ferguson was so proud about. Rather, it was the other two kinds of magic introduced that gave him inspiration.

“I am indeed very interested, but……that is only based on its value as an antique……” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

“Antique” Great Magician Ferguson looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Chairman Xu, this is a Magic Battleship! You are only treating it as an antique”

“Of course its an antique. Its already been three thousand years, if it isnt an antique, what do you want me to take it as”

“It is the crystallization of our human magicians wisdom during the race wars! It is the greatest magic masterpiece in the thousands of years of history of our Sines Continent! You…..Youre actually treating it as an artifact!” Great Magician Ferguson waved around his hands in an agitated manner as his face turned red in anger.

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Great Magician Ferguson, I must remind you that the current level of magic on the continent not being able to compare to the race wars three thousand years ago is a tragedy. Strictly speaking, it is the dereliction of duty from your Magicians Guild.”

“You……” Great Magician Ferguson couldnt help angrily pointing at Xu Yi, but after his lips trembled for a bit, he forced down his arm and could only give a very dissatisfied cold snort.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He picked up the small book and went to the final page, “Compared to this antique Magic Battleship, I want to ask, does your headquarters really have these two things”

There were only two diagrams on the final page. It was the diagram of a Magic Array and what seemed to be a very strange looking magic item.

This Magic Array was very strange because it didnt guide only one kind elemental magic energy like other Magic Arrays, rather it gathered four different kinds of elemental magic energy. It seemed like it was a Magic Array that could use all four kinds of elemental magic energy to create a special effect.

With Xu Yis level as a Five Star Great Magician, he could of course tell that this Magic Array was feasible. It was just that this diagram didnt have any of the data for this Magic Array, so he wasnt able to imitate it and experiment with it.

Then there was the strange looking magic item. One would notice that this magic item had the same strange looking Magic Array, but there were also countless smaller and different Magic Arrays on this magic item.

Xu Yi thought about it and found that if all the Magic Arrays on this magic item were activated at the same time, the most possible result would be that the magic space at the center of this magic item would collapse from the various elemental magic energy clashing with each other.

The collapse of the magic space would be very powerful. Although the range of the magic space collapsing inside this magic item would be quite small, once it was released, the might of it wouldnt be worse than a normal Forbidden Spell.

So that meant that this strange looking magic item could be taken as a terrifying bomb.

Seeing that Xu Yi was interested in these two things, Great Magician Ferguson pushed down the anger from Xu Yi devaluating the Magic Battleship and calmed his nerves before shaking his head to say, “These two things were listed as dangerous magic research by headquarters, so they were forbidden and headquarters doesnt have the actual material. Of course…..the related research data is currently at headquarters…..”

“Is that so” Xu Yi reached a finger out to trace the Magic Arrays on the two diagrams and after thinking about it, he asked Great Magician Ferguson, “That means that if our company is willing to transfer the technology listed in that letter of intent, you are willing to trade these things”

Seeing that Xu Yi had the intention of making a deal, Great Magician Ferguson was filled with joy. He revealed a constrained smile and replied, “That depends on what kind of technology chairman Xu is willing to offer. You have to know that the things recorded here are the secrets of our Magicians Guild headquarters……”

“Secrets” Xu Yi gave a laugh and threw the small book back to Great Magician Ferguson, “Since they are secrets, then forget it.”

“Ah” Great Magician Ferguson looked at the small book in a daze, “Chairman Xu, what do you mean”

“Its very simple, if you were sincere, we can discuss this. If youre not, please go back.” Xu Yi waved his hand.

“You……” The anger that Great Magician Ferguson had just suppressed came up again.

However, he was smart enough to suppress that anger once again.

Great Magician Ferguson took a deep breath and forced himself to regain his calm before saying to Xu Yi in a deep voice, “Chairman Xu, we shouldnt waste our time with this. I can see that you are very interested in these things and I firmly believe that these things will be useful to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Since its like this, Ill be direct. Our Magicians Guild headquarters is willing to use these secrets to exchange for the magic machine technology that we have listed in that letter of intent. What do you think”

Xu Yi looked at the letter of intent he had thrown on the table and casually gave a nod.

“We can make a deal, but there are certain pieces of technology in that letter of intent that I cant give you. For example, any military magic machine technology is strictly regulated by our company and we cant destroy those regulations for a deal, so I cant transfer it.”

“Then what about the others”

“The others……they can be considered.”

“That is good.” Great Magician Ferguson thought about it for a bit before asking, “Then chairman Xu, what if we wanted to obtain the military magic machine technology”

“I think that since youve come, youve already asked about our companys rules for transferring military magic machines. Its not hard to acquire this, you just have to increase your magic machine industry ranking first. Oh, right, your Magicians Guild isnt a country, so you cant directly obtain it, but that doesnt matter since you still have the Mana Magic Kingdom.”

Hearing this response, Great Magician Fergusons eyes lit up.

“Chairman Xu, you mean…..the Mana Magic Kingdom can also cooperate with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Our company welcomes all sincere partners.” Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Ferguson with a look of deep meaning.

Great Magician Ferguson gave a cough and calmed the excitement in his heart before saying with a nod, “Very good, chairman Xu, this talk with you has been very successful. I will transfer your ideas back and if everything goes smoothly, it wont take long before our Magicians Guild headquarters will begin negotiating with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Alright, Ill wait for your good news.”-

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