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If it was said that Xu Yi completely trusted Sarandal Clay, that would definitely be a joke.

After all, this fellow had attacked the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base with Levin Hasko. Although he had only fought Arch Magus Camilla the entire time and ran away after Levin Hasko fell, not causing any big damage to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he was without a doubt considered an enemy of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to others.

Facing a powerful enemy of the Arch Magus rank, it was already confusing if they didnt raise their guard against him, but Xu Yi accepted his request to join the magic research facility. For everyone in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this was simply considered crazy.

Xu Yi didnt believe that Arch Magus Clay would be like Arch Magus Camilla, wholeheartedly working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

He was also worried about Arch Magus Clay like other people, that he was trying to infiltrate the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and take the important magic magic machine technology before using it to deal with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But after considering it, Xu Yi had still agreed.

To Xu Yi, taking Arch Magus Clay into the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would without a doubt have its hidden problems, it might even cause a high end technology leak for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but this could be avoided and if it really did happen, it was within the acceptable range.

Compared to the benefits of Arch Magus Clay joining the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and working for them, the risks and possible losses were smaller.

What benefits did Arch Magus Clay bring

First, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce already had Arch Magus Camilla before, but everyone thought that Arch Magus Camilla working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was because of his personal relationship with Xu Yi. It wasnt because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was enticing enough to an Arch Magus like him.

Now that Arch Magus Clay had chosen to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could entice an Arch Magus to join on their own.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was without a doubt famous on the continent, but no matter what, because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had only been established for ten years and it was based in a small country like the Stantine Duchy, no matter how famous they were, everyone thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was lacking compared to the old companies of the continent.

Now that Arch Magus Clay joined them, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces feeling will not just go up by a single rank.

It had to be known that in the history of the Sines Continent, although there had been Arch Magi that had worked for companies before, that was only in name and the companies they did this for were the peak companies of the continent.

Arch Magus Clay wasnt just joining the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in name, but he was really going to work for the magic research facility, which went far beyond what those other Arch Magi did.

Therefore, it would greatly increase the backing that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had.

Second, even if one didnt mention the fame that the Arch Magus Clay would bring to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Arch Magus Clay himself was a very rare peak talent in Xu Yis eyes.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only needed to study normal low grade magic for most of their magic machines, that was only for normal civilian use magic machines. In order to popularize the magic machine industry, he could only choose these low grade magic machines to let normal magicians participate in the research.

But Xu Yi was clear that as the magic machine industry developed, he couldnt avoid the demand for high grade technology.

Before this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had three Great Magicians in Xu Yi, Juna, and Telucci, as well as the support of a peak magician in Arch Magus Camilla, which allowed them to have some breakthrough in the high grade magic machine research, but this was far from being enough for Xu Yi,

The biggest separation was that when it came to the peak magic research, even Xu Yi and the other two Great Magicians couldnt participate, so Arch Magus Camilla had to do everything himself.

Now that Arch Magus Clay was joining, they would have another researcher who was on the same rank as Arch Magus Camilla.

If the two of them could work together, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be able to make great breakthroughs in their high end magic machine research.

“But youre really not worried that after Arch Magus Clay masters these high end technologies, he will bring the data back to the Mana Magic Kingdom” Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi with slightly knitted brows, looking confused.

“Would you believe me if I said that I really wasnt worried” Xu Yi asked back with a smile.

Elder Illusia seriously thought about it for a bit before giving a sigh and shaking her head, “I dont know. The thoughts of you humans is already already complicated and the ideas of chairman Xu are even more complicated, I cant guess what you are thinking.”

Xu Yi couldnt help laughing before waving his hand, “Elder Illusia, you dont need to be this serious, I was just joking. But to be honest, I really am not worried about this.”

“Why” Elder Illusia was very confused, “Didnt you always stress that technology is the foundation of industry Also you stressed that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could have this advantage because you had the position of the leader. If Arch Magus Clay leaks the most important and highest grade technology, wouldnt that be a serious blow to your company”

“Think about it…..how many kinds of magic machine technology does our company grasp” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Elder Illusia was a bit surprised before shaking her head, “I dont know this.”

“Then lets change the question. Elder Illusia, how many kinds of unique technology does your Night Song Tribe currently grasp”

“This……” Elder Illusia thought about it for a bit, “Ive never counted it before, but it should be around over a hundred.”

“Then do you think that if a bystander was thrown into your Night Song Tribe and he had some time, he would be able to grasp all one hundred kinds of technology”

“Of course thats impossible.” Elder Illusia shook her head, “Each piece of technology is filled with many kinds of magic knowledge that only our Night Song Tribe knows among all the elves, as well as our many years of research. Each one contains the blood and sweat of our many clansmen. Even if we gave it all to a single person, it is impossible for him to grasp it alone.”

“That means……” Xu Yi spread his hands, “Our companys magic machine technology far surpasses that of your Night Song Tribe and the data for each type can fill up several rooms. Even if I open it all to Arch Magus Clay, could he grasp that many Then again, with his current level, whether he can understand it or not is a problem……”

“He is an Arch Magus, why wouldnt he understand it” Elder Illusia couldnt help refuting.

Xu Yi smiled without saying a thing.

Elder Illusia thought for a bit before coming back to her senses.

Although Arch Magi were the peak of magicians, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines werent just related to magic, but rather they combined machine and magic together.

After the Frestech Chamber of Commerces many years of breakthroughs and development, the magic machine theory had already become a separate topic from normal magic theory.

Even if Arch Magus Clay was at the peak of magic theory, that didnt mean that he would be familiar with magic machines.

Elder Illusia was also a Great Magician and after being close with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce all these years, she knew this better than most people.

Even if it was her, if Xu Yi were to take out some of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research data for her, she might not understand it.

This was a fact that excited Xu Yi. As the magic machine research developed, all the various types of magic machines had more subdivisions and there was even more specialization.

In the end, it was very likely that it would become the same industry as earth.

Researchers that were specialized, even if they were talented, were still limited to their own research. They only had superficial knowledge about fields other than their own.

“But…..Since youre letting him join the magic research facility, he can come in contact with the data. You cant just have him work on some superficial stuff, right” Elder Illusia asked.

“Of course, this is an Arch Magus, he is the peak of magic research, how could I have him work on something superficial” Xu Yi said in an excited voice, “Ive already thought it through, I will give him half a year to first build up his foundations. When he has built up some basic magic machine knowledge, I will have him take on the countless high grade projects that Ive already thought of. Un, I already wanted people working on this, its just a pity that Arch Magus Camilla is too busy. Now that we have Arch Magus Clay, it will be much easier, ha, ha……”

Seeing Xu Yi laughing in a wild manner, elder Illusia shook her head in a speechless manner.

She had already known Xu Yi for more than ten years, but she found that she still wasnt able to understand Xu Yis thoughts yet.

Although humans were more complicated than elves in the first place, Xu Yi was even more complicated than normal humans.

Elder Illusia gave up on trying to understand what Xu Yi was thinking. Anyway, this fellow had done all those crazy things over the years, but there had never been any big problems, so he didnt need others to worry about him.

As the elder of the Night Song Tribe, she should worry about her own tribe first.

“Chairman Xu, lets discuss business. About the matter of preparing manpower for the open sea voyage, have you already considered this”-

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