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Chapter 18: Farewell, Cecily

September 23rd, 2022


The entrance to the dungeon on the southern side of the island is currently being sealed.

Cecily might be able to open the door but, she decided not to, for caution’s sake.

“I want to quickly gather companions and start exploring the ruin”

“But isn’t it dangerous”

 “Well, that’s true, but the treasure you can get in a dungeon is great.

Moreover, it’s an untouched dungeon, so it’s a chance to get rich quickly”.

Cecily was really burning with enthusiasm.

“Even if it’s a chance to quickly get rich, if we die that’ll be the end of it.

I haven’t even had children yet. [1]

“That’s because Shirou’s a man.

As a woman, even if we have to bet our life on it, we still want to try to get treasure”

…actually, that’s more because I’m a bit of a coward and have nothing to do with gender.

I don’t want to risk my life for a treasure, and I don’t really like adventures or thrills.

“Anyway, just don’t overdo it”

“Aaah, don’t worry.

Next time I’ll gather some people I can trust.

And I won’t bring someone who would do anything weird to you, Shirou, so rest assured”

I’m happy that Cecily was being considerate of me, but actually as long as the person she brings along is my type, I wouldn’t mind if they do something weird to me…

Of course, I like beautiful woman, but a charming girl or easy to talk woman are also my type too.

I like younger girls, but I don’t dislike those who are over 30 years old and have an aura of hard worker.

I guess I’m just being too indifferent with types of girls. [2]

No, let’s just say that I’m a man of culture. [3]

“If Shirou’s fine with it, I’d love to if you can allow me to stay at your cave again next time”


If that’s the case, I’m going to make an inn so your party will have a place to stay”

“That’d be great.

Shirou’s inn, huh I’m sure it’ll attract a lot of customers”

I see.

To start an inn on this island, for those who come here … I don’t think that’s a bad idea.



It took four days to build Cecily’s ship.

It’s about 6 meters long and have a mast and sail.

However, I’m worry if it can hold out should a big wave appear.

“This is an inland sea, so the waves are not that high”

Well, if a pirate who is an expert in the sea said so, it should be true.

Maybe this sea is like a Mediterranean Sea back on earth.

Aside from making the canvas, I also made barrels to store drinking water.

During the time with Chris I was only able to make her some clay water bottle, but it is too vulnerable from impact.

That time I was unable to create water barrels due to insufficient MP capacity, but I’m now able to create it without problem.


Creation Magic : Lv.5

Acquired Experience:987/1000

MP 278/278

Food Production : Lv.4(EXP:174/800)Food creation time reduced by 7%

Tools Production : Lv.3(EXP:495/500) Tool creation time reduced by 5%

Weapon Production : Lv.1(EXP:84/100)

Material Creation : Lv.2(EXP:18/300)

Golem Production : Lv.1(EXP:216/300)

Medicine Production —-

Other —-


I only need another 13 experience points before my level increase again.

I should be able to reach it by tonight.

Cecily is going to leave Monte Chris Island today, so I was thinking of making a naught… ahem… an artistic figure.

Of course, the models are Chris and Cecily.

I can actually make them out of clay.

Moreover, the category will fall under Golem Production.

Unfortunately, it won’t be able to move [4]

Since it’s only a figure model, it can’t move autonomously like a golem, and it seems like I can only freely design the shape of a golem after I reach significant level in Golem Production.

“Shirou, I’ve finished loading”, Cecily reported with a slightly lonely look.

“I’ll finish my work soon too.

Please sit down and wait”

I was in the middle of preparing lunch.

The menu is meat from the boar that Cecily had caught, and turnip soup.

I had preserved the meat in salt, and over time, it develops a nice umami flavor.

“Guess I won’t be able to eat Shiro’s cooking for a while, huh”

“I’ll be sure to increase my repertoire by the time you come here next time”

If I increase my level enough, I should be able to make alcohol, and other dairy products such as cheese.

Anyway, we seemed to have less conversations for today’s lunch compared to usual.


I saw Cecily off on the beach.

“Shirou, I was really in your care”.

Cecily smiled and waved.

Until the end, she really didn’t lay a finger on me.

Though it feels a bit disappointing, I also like this serious side of her.

But still, I really wish you had pushed me down and assaulted me during the night!

For my last prank, I pulled Cecily closer, hugged her and gave a kiss on her forehead.

“Shirou! What are you…”

“It’s a charm for safe sailing”

Cecily was surprised by my sudden action.

“A charm… really”


The people in Izu do it as a charm”

Needless to say, it was a lie.

I’m sorry, people of Izu.

“I will definitely return here”


I’ll be sure to make a place for your heart and body to recover.

I will also welcome your companion”

I saw off the boat as it drifted away in the wind until I could no longer see it.

As the flocks of seagulls flew among the parting waves, I prayed in my heart.

I hope that somehow, the prayer will somehow reach instead of me.

I prayed for the safety of Cecily and Chris while I listened to the unceasing roar of the sea. [5]



I reached level 6 when I was making oil for cooking.

My Max MP has increased to 309, but there is no other development.

Alright, since I’ve secured plenty of food, let’s start working on the golem soon.

Since Cecily left, the feeling of loneliness has increased so much, I don’t even feel like making erotic figures anymore.

Thinking that it might be a little livelier if there’s another Iwao here, I begin to set up my magic to create another stone golem.

Once I begin stone golem production, I wouldn’t be able to create anything else for the next 48 hours.

I was planning to work outside during that period, but the next day it started raining in the morning.

I still have the rainwear that I brought from Earth, but I didn’t feel like there’s any reason for working in the rain.

Only the Iwaos were working silently in the drizzling rain.

They were preparing to make a small field in front of the cave; clearing stumps, moving boulders, such kind of heavy works can only be done by them.

The figures of Iwaos working under the rain… they look somehow lonely.

No, that’s not it.

Golems have no heart.

So I guess I’m the only one who’s feeling lonely.

That’s why the vision that’s reflected in my eyes was tinged with sadness.

Since I had nothing else to do, I went to the stream to get some water, but it was muddy since the river’s surface has risen due to rain.

This… can’t be used as drinking water.

I’ve underestimated the importance of having water supply since I thought I’d always be able to create water with my magic but, situation like this can happens too, I guess.

I also have to consider the possibility of having a drought, so I’m going to have to make a water tank next time.

I decided to put three water jars outside to collect rainwater.

It was fun to hear the sound of po-chon, po-chon [6] , it’s just like music.

Come to think of it, there is little entertainment here.

No games, no music, can’t even watch a video.

Maybe I should try to make a playing card.

When I was in elementary school, my father once taught me how to play cards alone.

At that time, I was really engrossed in mobile games so I wasn’t even interested in playing cards, but now I feel like it can help me to alleviate my boredom.

… well, that would be something I can do after I finished making the golem.

…I hate rainy days…

And so I remembered many things and cried. [7]


1 It’s like the phrase ‘I don’t want to die a virgin’

2 Like, as long as a girl is even just a bit attractive or nice, Shirou will go for it.

But ain’t we all Except maybe those of you who are uber popular, I hope you guys go explode 

3 Real translation is he’s saying he’d like to be called a philanthropist instead of having a wide range of preference, but I think this is more suitable

4 Imagine the possibility if Shirou can make 1:1 moving models.

Boom, mind blown

5 I’m a bit unsure here, but I think he meant that since he can’t be with them, he hoped that the prayer will reach them instead and kept them safe from harm

6 sound of raindrops into the jars, not sure what the onomatopoeia for that

7 Weelllll… if Tom Hanks can cry because Wilson’s gone, I guess it’s reasonable if Shirou’s crying because he missed the chance for a good shagging.

He brought it upon himself tho…


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