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Chapter 978: Ignored Him Again

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After settling the two kids, Li Yinian returned to the living room and found Qiao Yanze staring at her with the same gaze.

She was wondering what was wrong with that man when the door of the master bedroom opened and Ji Shiting walked out.

He glanced at the people downstairs and walked down the stairs unhurriedly.

Qiao Yanze stood up from the sofa and walked to him.

“What exactly happened to you”

“Is there anything to eat” The man asked.

Qiao Yanze glared at him.

Seeing that he wasnt answering his question, Ji Shiting ignored him and continued walking.

Grandpa Ji stood up and said hesitantly, “Shiting, you…”

“Grandpa,” the man called out and walked to the kitchen.

Hearing that, Grandpa Ji finally heaved a sigh of relief and sat back on the sofa.

“Its alright…”

Ji Shiting still remembered him, which meant he hadnt lost his memory or been replaced by another personality.

Qiao Yanze was relieved to hear that, but he was still upset.

‘Ive been working for this guy for two days, yet this is how he treats me Hes ignoring me,huh

“Grandpa, do you still think theres something wrong with Shiting” Qiao Yanze couldnt help asking.

Grandpa Ji nodded and sighed, “But I dont dare ask for too much.

This is the best outcome.”

Qiao Yanze thought for a bit and agreed.

“Jiang Yu said that hell take people to seize Night Banquet tonight if everything goes smoothly,” Qiao Yanze said.

“After we capture those people, Shiting can return to T.S.

Corporation without any worries.

You can rest assured, Grandpa Ji.”

Grandpa Ji smiled.

“Yanze, its been hard on you these days.

I dont think Shiting is in the mood to talk to us now.

Why dont you head back to do your own stuff first Ill inform you if anything happens.”

Qiao Yanze nodded and said, “Okay.”

He then saw Ji Shiting walking out of the kitchen with a food container in his hand.

He stood still expressionlessly and complained to him but Ji Shiting didnt even look at him.

He carried the food container upstairs and ignored him again.

Qiao Yanze was furious.

He looked at Li Yinian and said coldly, “Come back with me.”

Li Yinian thought for a bit and felt that there was no need for her to stay.

She nodded and bade goodbye to Grandpa Ji.

Grandpa Ji thanked her kindly.

The two of them left Qianfan Villa.

Li Yinian had wanted the Ji familys chauffeur to send her, but seeing Qiao Yanzes cold eyes, she didnt want to add fuel to the fire, so she got into his car.

The man looked less hostile now.

He started the car and said, “Why were you surprised Its only been six or seven hours.

Its not like you havent experienced it before!”

Li Yinian was stunned for a while before coming to a sudden realization.

She raised an eyebrow and said, “Oh, perhaps its because the experience wasnt wonderful so I forgot about it.”

Qiao Yanze stepped on the brakes and looked at her.

His handsome face was dark and terrifying.

“Li Yinian, Ill think youre implying something to me.” He looked at her ambiguously.

Li Yinian bit her lips..

She knew that playing along with that man was the best solution, but she couldnt help provoking him.

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