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Chapter 972: Untitled

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Qiao Yanze went downstairs to find Sister Xiu to understand the situation.

However, Ji Shiting didnt say anything and hugged his wife as soon as he returned.

He even carried her back into the room.

“How did he come back” Qiao Yanze couldnt help frowning.

“I saw a car parked outside when Young Master walked in, but it drove away soon,” Sister Xiu said.

Qiao Yanze thought for a bit and called Gu Yimo, but Gu Yimo didnt know what was going on.

He didnt even know that Ji Shiting had returned to Yang City.

“You said he was acting weird…” Gu Yimo thought.

“Did Xu Weis experiment succeed Is Shiting a different person now”

Qiao Yanze also thought of that possibility, and his heart was heavy.

“Lets wait a bit longer.”

“What are you waiting for Think of a way to talk to him and see how he is now!” Gu Yimo was anxious.

Qiao Yanze said, “Nonsense! Hes sleeping with his wife now! Tell Jiang Yu and get back here!”

He then hung up the phone.

He had nothing to do anyway, so he went to visit Jinchen and Jinqing.

The two kids had woken up, and Li Yinian had told them about Ji Shitings return.

They were both very happy, but they were a bit disappointed that they couldnt see their father yet.

“Where are Mom and Dad” They asked innocently.

Li Yinian didnt know what to say when Qiao Yanze said lazily, “Off to give birth to your siblings.”

Ye Shengge realized that when Ji Shiting carried her into the bedroom.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled, “You still remember that we live in this room.”

The man looked at her, paused, and nodded, which made Ye Shengge wild with joy.

She couldnt help kissing his chin and saying, “Then tell me my name and Ill let you do whatever you want.”

He squinted without saying anything.

He threw the woman on the bed.

Ye Shengge gasped.

She turned around and was about to sit up, but the man had already pressed himself against her.

He leaned over and kissed her lips while taking off her clothes.

Ye Shengge avoided his kiss and pushed him.

“I… I wont let you touch me unless you call my name.”

He frowned, grabbed her hands, raised them above her head, and kissed her neck.

Ye Shengges body went limp from his kiss, and she lost all power.

Besides, she didnt really want to reject him.

She just wanted to confirm whether he really remembered her, but the man refused to say anything.

“Ji Shiting…” Her voice was weak.

“Do you know your name is Ji Shiting”

He paused and looked up at her, his deep, dark eyes filled with some,,,disdain.

Ye Shengge thought she was seeing things.

“Stop moving,” he finally said, but he still refused to do as she wanted.

Very well, it wasnt that he couldnt speak anymore.

Ye Shengge breathed a sigh of relief and looked at him.

“I want to move about unless you call my name..”

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