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Ye Shengge finally opened her eyes, and she saw the mans handsome face.

Ji Shiting looked at her trembling eyelashes and smiled.

He lowered his head and kissed her eyelids, “Why dont you dare look at me”

Ye Shengge felt numb from his kiss, and she trembled.

“I… Im shy!” She found an excuse and blushed.

Ji Shiting enjoyed it for a few seconds and said sarcastically, “Are you shy You said you couldnt get my heart back then, but you wanted to be my woman.

And now you are shy”

“I was naive…” Ye Shengge recalled what she had said, and her face turned red.

“I was wrong.

I shouldnt have been coveting you!”

“It doesnt matter.

You can have it.” Ji Shiting snorted.

“There are many people who want me, and you arent the only one.”

As he said that, he started to…

“Wait!” Ye Shengge licked her lips and smiled.

“Why dont we change positions”

Ji Shiting looked deep and curled his lips, “What position”

“Do you want to try… from behind…” Ye Shengge tried to hide her shame, but her eyes betrayed her.

Ji Shiting scrutinized her carefully.

He knew that she was trying to avoid looking him in the eyes, but…

He tensed up as he imagined that scene.

The man swallowed hard, but he didnt stop himself from muttering, “I can try.”

It took Ye Shengge almost an hour to finish.

She was so exhausted that she couldnt even lift her hands after.

Ji Shiting was very satisfied.

He realized that the womans back was very sensitive.

She would tremble whenever he kissed it.

Just the thought of her quivering in his arms made Ji Shiting have the urge to do it again.

However, he let her go upon seeing the pitiful look in her eyes.

He hugged her again, stroked her hair and said, “Lets sleep.”

This time, Ye Shengge didnt even have the strength to reject him.

When she was exhausted, she didnt have the time to overthink things and fell asleep.

It was late in the morning, and she was awakened by the footsteps outside.

Ye Shengge tossed with her eyes closed, but the aching in her body made her gasp.

Her eyes widened as she recalled all that happened last night.

Fortunately, the side of the bed was empty.

She immediately sat up and saw Ji Shiting, who was wearing his morning robe.

He hadnt probably been awake for quite some and was sitting in front of his desk facing his laptop.

It appeared like he was handling some work matters.

“Slept enough” He heard some activity and said, “Get dressed, or itll be too late.”

“…What” Ye Shengge was dazed.

“Oh, my grandpa knows I spent the night with a woman, and hes about to come check on me,” he said calmly while staring at the computer screen.

Ye Shengge was dazed for a few seconds before she realized what was happening.

His grandpa had been trying to force Ji Shiting to get married.

If Grandpa Ji saw her in the same room as Ji Shiting…


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