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Chapter 964: Becoming the Perfect Husband


Ye Shengge was shocked.

“Xiao Ruilang, do you have any misunderstandings about yourself”

“Thats because youve never asked me to be your husband.

If youve experienced it before, youll know what I said makes sense,” Xiao Ruilang said.

He felt that he could become a filial husband if he had that woman as his wife.

“Not interested.” Ye Shengge said coldly.

She paused for a bit and said, “Besides, Shiting isnt trying to save the world.

Hes just doing it for me and the two kids.

Things have fallen to him.

He cant just stand by and do nothing.”

“Hes good in every aspect in your eyes.” Xiao Ruilang sighed with melancholy.

“Yes,” Ye Shengge said.

“Drive safely.

I need to write a report.”

She turned on her laptop and started to describe what had happened in the past two days.

Jiang Yu might need a more formal report before he could make a move.

Xiao Ruilang snorted and slowed down.

Jiang Manor.

In the guest room, Jing Tong was forced to recuperate in bed.

She had been hit by a car yesterday, and she hadnt suffered any serious injuries.

She hadnt even broken a bone, but it had hurt a lot.

However, after Jiang Yu carried her back, he called all his personal doctors and nutritionists over.

After the doctor checked, he said that it was nothing serious, but he needed to rest.

That became Jiang Yus excuse for her to stay in bed.

She had been lying in bed for the entire day.

It was fine when Jiang Yu went out during the day, but she could still get out of bed and walk around.

When Jiang Yu returned, the servants rushed her to the bed.

She couldnt even figure out how she should face him and this matter.

In her heart, she had treated their relationship as familiar strangers the kind that didnt even need to greet each other, but Jiang Yu obviously didnt think so.

His natural order always made her furious.

She took out her phone, but there was no new message.

She seemed to have lost friends after returning to China.

At that moment, she heard familiar footsteps.

It was the sound of the mans military boots on the ground.

It was clear and strong, and the voice stopped beside her bed.

“The servant said you refused to have dinner.”

Jing Tong couldnt help rolling her eyes.


She hadnt been exercising all day, and her digestion was slow.

The servants were still piling snacks in her hands.

She was too bored, and she had eaten a lot before she knew it.

Of course, she couldnt eat dinner.

However, Jiang Yu didnt think so.

He took off his hat and gloves, and looked at her expressionlessly.

“Jing Tong, dont take it out on your body even if you have something against me.”

“Youre overthinking.

Im not that stupid.” Jing Tong sighed.

“Im already fine.

It doesnt hurt at all.

Can I leave here”


You have to rest here for at least three months,” he said coldly.

“Three months Kill me!” Jing Tong was so excited that she almost swore.

“The doctor said I didnt hurt my bones.

Are you dumb”

“Why are you always so eager to leave” Jiang Yu looked at her.

“Does being here really make you suffer so much”

“Yes.” She nodded.

“I just dont want to be with you.”

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