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Chapter 961: Annoying Child

After thinking about it, she still felt that she needed to tell everything she knew to the person who had the ability to seize Night Banquet.

It would be best if she could contact Jiang Yu directly.

She knew that if Jiang Yu sent people to investigate Night Banquet, Hua Cheng and the others might not let Ji Shiting go, but if she didnt do anything, Ji Shiting might be in greater danger.

Xiao Ruilang looked at her for a while and sighed in dejection.

“Im very sad.”

Ye Shengges heart sank.

She knew Xiao Ruilang wouldnt let her have her way so easily.

“Why are you sad Do you really like how I looked like an idiot just now” She sounded anxious.

“No, how can you say that You were clearly really cute.” Xiao Ruilang looked at her disapprovingly.

“I thought I could raise it.”

His hopes were dashed.

He was upset.

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

“Xiao Ruilang, havent you given up yet” She couldnt help asking.

“I know you think Im interesting, but its been so long.

No matter how fun a toy is, itll eventually become boring.”

Xiao Ruilang stared at her for a while and smiled, “Do you know what this means”

Ye Shengge was cautious.

“What does that mean”

“It means Im in love with you.”

“…” Ye Shengge said after a while.

“Stop kidding, Xiao Ruilang.”

“Really.” He sighed.

“Otherwise, why do I always think about you Im especially happy every time I see you.

You havent released any new works in the past few years, so I can only listen to your old songs time and time again.

Youve been running T.S.

Corporation for the past few years, and when have I ever competed with you Ive always been giving in to you, wanting you to be happy.”

Ye Shengge sneered, “You just cant beat me, can you”

“You cant say that.” He looked at her seriously.

“Xiao Ruilang, I dont care how you feel about me.

I need to use the computer now, or you can send me to Jiang Yus manor.” She clenched her fist.

“I beg you, okay This is really important.

It concerns the lives of many people!”

Many people had died in that underground laboratory.

Ji Shiting… might be the next one.

Her heart ached at the thought of that.

That man had spent a lot of effort to get her out of here, and he had also brought the evidence and news.

The research institute would be wiped out sooner or later, but Ji Shiting might not be able to escape unscathed.

“Its none of my business how many lives it concerns.” Xiao Ruilang smiled.

“Besides, you dont care about most people.

You only care about Ji Shiting.”

“Will you be happy if something happens to Shiting” She glared at him.

“I might not be happy, but I wont be too sad.” Xiao Ruilang smiled.

Ye Shengge clenched her fist.

After a while, she smiled and said, “Do you know why Shiting hasnt been ruthless to you despite all the trouble youve caused us”

“Because I know my limits.

I always step on his bottom line without going too far.” Xiao Ruilang licked his lips smugly.

Ye Shengge said expressionlessly, “No, its because to him, youre like a childish child who likes to attract others attention by pulling pranks.”

Most people would find annoying kids irritating, but they rarely hated them.

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