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Chapter 956: Is He Being Righteous

He had seen Ye Shengge many times in the past few years, so he could recognize her, but…

“Theres something wrong with her eyes.” Qiao Yanze frowned.

“Is it possible…”

He recalled that Ji Shiting had lost his memory three years ago, and perhaps Ye Shengge was the same now.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have let Ye Shengge show up so easily.

“Whats possible” Xiao Ruilang asked.

“You have an invitation Give it to me,” Qiao Yanze ordered.

If it was really Ye Shengge, he would definitely capture her at all costs.

“My face is the invitation, so I cant give it to you.” Xiao Ruilang shrugged.

“Dont worry.

If its really Sister-in-law, Ill definitely bid for her.”

“What about after you win the auction” Qiao Yanze knew that this guy didnt seem to be kind to Ye Shengge.

“Shell be mine after I win her.” Xiao Ruilang smiled.

“Ill treat her well.”

“Stop dreaming.” Qiao Yanze stared at him expressionlessly.

“Listen, Ill be your bodyguard and follow you in.

Ill pay for the auction, and Ill take her away.

Do you understand”

“What can you do to me if I dont want to” Xiao Ruilang said sincerely.

Qiao Yanze gritted his teeth.

He couldnt do anything to that man, and he needed him to save Ye Shengge.

“Xiao Ruilang, if youre willing to help, I can tell you everything I know.” Qiao Yanze decided to trust him this time.

After all, the situation wouldnt be worse.

Xiao Ruilang looked a bit weird.

‘What was going on Every single one of them are starting to trust me these days.

Am I glowing with justice recently

That night, the underground auction was held in a manor.

There werent many guests who were qualified to participate in the auction, but all of them were rich and noble.

Many of them knew each other, and they were drinking while discussing the auction items for tonight, waiting for the auction to begin.

There were all kinds of content in the underground auction.

There were antiques, paintings, guns, men, and women.

There were four women waiting for the auction that night, but the most interesting one was the owner of that pair of eyes.

Ye Shengge had been dealing with rich and powerful people in recent years, and many people had seen her and coveted her, so anyone who thought of Ye Shengge because of that pair of eyes was determined to get the “goods” tonight.

Of course, no one thought it was the real Ye Shengge.

Xiao Ruilang heard the discussion as he walked with Qiao Yanze.

“Seems like I have a lot of competitors tonight.” Xiao Ruilang clicked his tongue.

“Listen, do whatever it takes,” Qiao Yanze said coldly.

“Fourth Young Master, do you have that much liquid funds”

“You can make up for it if its not enough,” Qiao Yanze said.

“If I lose her, youll be doomed.”

Xiao Ruilang curled his lips and didnt say anything.

The auction started soon.

Qiao Yanzes seat was pretty good, but Qiao Yanze could only stand behind him.

Xiao Ruilang was satisfied.

“Fourth Young Master, you have to protect me.”

“Shut up.” Qiao Yanze couldnt be bothered with him.

His eyes were on the stage, and he didnt know when it would be his turn.

She hoped it was really Ye Shengge.

One auction item after another was sold.

Halfway through the auction, the pair of eyes on the list appeared on the big screen.

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