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Chapter 955: Beautiful Almond-Shaped Eyes

The underground auction had a membership system.

They would examine the personality and preferences of the rich, then get in touch with all potential clients and turn them into members.

Xiao Ruilang was definitely their favorite kind of client.

He liked excitement, was generous, and had a low moral bottom line, so Xiao Ruilang had become a member a long time ago.

He would receive the auction list from the auction house every once in a while.

If there was anything he was interested in, he didnt mind participating.

He wasnt interested today, so he just skimmed through the list.

However, he suddenly saw a pair of eyes.

It was a pair of womans eyes.

In order to maintain a sense of mystery, the women put up for sale in the underground auction would only reveal a certain part of their face or body.

For example, the woman today had beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

Her eyelids were seductive, and she looked pitiful.

Most importantly, her eyes were blank and clear, exuding the helplessness of a deer, which could easily arouse a mans desire to protect her or get intimate with her.

Xiao Ruilangs pupils dilated slightly.

Her eyes were very similar to Ye Shengges, but Ye Shengge wouldnt look so helpless.

He touched the roof of his mouth with the tip of his tongue as if he was thinking.

Then, Xiao Ruilang pulled the mouse to the bottom and saw that the auction would be held tonight.

The venue was a secret code, but he soon decoded it.

It wasnt far from here.

No matter what, there was nothing to lose by visiting.

Thus, he chose to participate without hesitation.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

He turned off his laptop and opened the door, still recalling that pair of eyes.

Xiao Ruilang thought it was a hotel service, but the moment he opened the door, a fist was aimed at his face.

Xiao Ruilang was caught off guard, and he couldnt help groaning.

The person outside walked in and said in a cold and menacing tone, “Xiao Ruilang, youre really hiding here.”

Xiao Ruilang took a deep breath.

He opened his eyes and smiled.

“Fourth Young Master Qiao Why are you here What do you want”

“You know very well.” Qiao Yanze sneered.

“What happened at the dinner last night Where is Shiting now”

“I dont know,” Xiao Ruilang said innocently.

Qiao Yanze held a cigarette and sneered, looking like he was about to beat him up.

Xiao Ruilang said, “I only know that he was taken away by Madam Hua, together with Shengge, but I dont know where they have been taken to.”

Xiao Ruilang remembered that they had entered the elevator, so he checked every floor but found nothing.

“Did you expose Shitings identity” Qiao Yanze narrowed his eyes.

“Im just curious.” Xiao Ruilang smiled.

Qiao Yanze wanted to hit someone again.

“But I might know where Shengge is.” Xiao Ruilang looked amused.

“Youd better not offend me, otherwise…”

Qiao Yanze grabbed his collar and said, “Speak!”

Xiao Ruilang didnt hide anything and told him about the underground auction house.

“Show me the photos!” Qiao Yanze didnt believe him easily.

Xiao Ruilang took the laptop and showed him the picture of the eyes.

Qiao Yanze took a deep breath and nodded slowly as he said, “Its her.”

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