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Chapter 951: Hit by a Car

She wiped away her tears hard, thinking that she still couldnt control herself, or that she couldnt control herself when facing him.

“No need.

Ill leave now,” Jing Tong said coldly.

“Ive tried my best.

Its up to you whether I help you or not.”

Jiang Yu frowned as he watched her leave.

He walked up and grabbed her wrist, “Where are you going at such a late hour”

Jing Tong pushed him away and said, “What does it have to do with you”

“Dont be stubborn, Jing Tong!” He frowned as if she was an insensible child.

“Im not being stubborn, but youre being ridiculous.” She suddenly laughed.

“Whats our relationship With what status am I going to stay at your house”

“Weve known each other for almost twenty years.

Isnt that enough”

“I havent forgotten who sent my father to prison.” Her eyes turned red.

“Jiang Yu, Ive cut ties with you at that time.

Our relationship is at most slightly better than that of strangers.

Its my fault.

I shouldnt have come to you today.”

She then strode away and disappeared into the night.

Jiang Yu didnt stop her this time, but he clenched his fist, feeling irritated.

He forced himself to suppress his irritation and worries, turned around, and then headed upstairs to the study.

However, just as he reached the second floor, the servants voice sounded behind him, “Sir, Ms.

Jing was hit by a car when she rushed out.

She cant get up now!”

Jiang Yus expression changed, and he turned around and ran out.

The next day, Ye Shengge woke up very early in the morning.

After opening her eyes, she realized that Ji Shiting was also awake.

He stroked her back slowly and pondered silently with a deep gaze in his eyes, as if he wasnt feeling anything.

Ye Shengge blinked and asked softly, “Shiting”

“Youre awake” The man smiled, held her face up and kissed her.

“Youre up.

Remember to listen to my instructions later, okay”

Ye Shengge bit her lips and nodded.

After washing up, they left the room.

After walking through the long hallway, they came to the circular living room they had entered yesterday.

Hua Cheng was drinking coffee.

She smiled and said, “Professor Xu is getting prepared in the operating theater.

Have breakfast first.”

“Getting prepared in the operating theater” Ye Shengge looked at her in surprise, and then at Ji Shiting.

However, Ji Shiting looked calm.

He obviously knew what was going on.

She pursed her lips without probing further, and asked for an answer with her gaze.

“I wont hurt you, Shengge.” The man grabbed her shoulders and said seriously.

“Trust me.”

Ye Shengge opened her mouth, and a thought flashed across her mind at the speed of lightning.

She knew what Ji Shiting and Professor Xu had talked about.

That was the only way they would allow her to leave.

“No, no…” She shook her head.

“I wont leave you here alone.

I dont want to lose my memories…”

“Are you more willing to be a puppet” Hua Cheng suddenly said.

“You might not even have a chance to be a puppet.

You might die.”

Ye Shengge ignored her and hugged Ji Shiting tightly.

“Theyre going to operate on you… No, I told you, I wont allow it! Id rather die!”

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