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Ji Shitings pupils contracted.

The womans raspy voice sounded like she was begging.

It made his scalp numb and his blood flowing to a certain place, causing his breathing to get heavier.

Ji Shiting finally couldnt hold it in anymore.

He put his hands under her clothes, and caressed her with his burning palms.

Ye Shengge gasped, as if she couldnt look at what was happening.

She turned her head away, closed her eyes, and curled her body.

Ji Shiting threw the sleeping robe aside, grabbed the womans knees and approached her, ready to attack.

Ye Shengge probably felt something and shivered again while subconsciously biting her lip.

“I told you to open your eyes and look at me,” Ji Shiting ordered again.

Ye Shengge wanted to scold him.

He didnt take her quickly so why should she look

However, she was afraid that he would abandon her out of anger and that would mean all the kissing would have been for nothing.

She swallowed, turned her head carefully and opened her eyes.

She saw the mans naked body.

His broad shoulders and well-proportioned muscles were filled with strength because of the tension.

Her face was flushed, and her heart was beating fast, making her mouth feel dry.

Ji Shiting snorted, leaned over, grabbed her arm and wrapped it around his neck.

“Hold it tight.

Dont let go.”

Ye Shengge had to look him in the eye again, and they were still staring at each other at such a close distance.

Her eyelashes fluttered, and her heart was beating fast as she gazed into the dark abyss of his eyes.

They were so intimate that she could drown in his eyes at any moment.

Her instincts were crying out danger but there was nothing she could do.

Worse still, that man suddenly smiled, making her mind go blank.

She was caught off guard, and before she could scream, her mouth was covered.

Ye Shengge woke up at dawn.

She had a nightmare.

In her dream, she had confessed to Ji Shiting, but that man had refused her and mocked her for being delusional.

The dream was like a warning, which made her wake up drenched in cold sweat.

The curtains were closed and not one bit of light passed through.

Ye Shengge moved slightly, then froze.

There was the sound of the light breathing of a man.

However, his face was buried in her neck, and his lips were facing her ears.

His left arm was around her waist, and her right arm was under his pillow.

Which meant she had been sleeping in that mans arms last night, and he had held her tightly.

Ye Shengge didnt dare move at all as she felt the warmth coming from beside her.

She stared at the darkness in front of her, and her heart pounded.

Why did they sleep in each others arms That didnt make sense!

It was a pose that only couples or couples would show up, so it shouldnt be between them.

The first two times… She didnt remember being so close to that man when she was sleeping.

She clenched her teeth and grabbed the mans wrist, trying to move his arm away, but the man grabbed her hand with just a bit of strength.

“Youre awake”


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