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Chapter 942: Secret Enjoyment Is Just As Pleasurable

“Im afraid youre being too self-righteous, Professor Xu.” Ye Shengge sneered.

“You think youre giving him a taste of his own medicine, but in reality, youre still an accomplice of the superior.

The person who hired you and sponsored you is a superior like Jing Zhiyuan.

Hes just trying to eliminate his dissidents and satisfy his desire for power.

Those ordinary people are reduced to your test subjects, and they dont even have a chance to speak.

Youre not a messenger of justice, youre an accomplice, a demon!”

“Youre good with words, Ms.

Ye.” Professor Xu smiled.

“Unfortunately, Jing Zhiyuan is in prison now, and this technology belongs to me.”

“So what if you can control those high officials Are you going to be the president and be admired by everyone” Ye Shengge said, trying to suppress her anger.

“That might not be the case.

My ambition is still in research.

Besides, Im not someone who likes to have a reputation.

Secretly enjoying wealth and power is also pleasant.” He leaned back, looking smug.

“Have you succeeded in your research” Ji Shiting suddenly raised an eyebrow.

“Actually, none of the experiment subjects will die immediately.” He clicked his tongue.

“They were all considered successful at that time.

Unfortunately, the chance of the connection is too great.

Many people will have a very serious rejection reaction when they undergo surgery, and they will have a mental breakdown because of the pain.

Although some people are still alive, the programs in their minds are wrong, which causes their memories to be messed up.

Its almost considered useless.

Of course, there are also successful ones.

All the subordinates around Chengzi are very loyal.

At present, the success rate is about thirty percent.”

This meant that at least seven out of ten people were either dead or crippled.

Only three could live like normal people, but they didnt know that their will and consciousness were given by someone else.

Ye Shengge bit her lips and clenched her fists.

Professor Xu looked at Ji Shiting and said, “But I believe Mr.

Ji is definitely one of the three.

After all, youve never been tortured by the pain of being connected before your technology was mature.

Thats rare.

By the way, why dont you guess what personality Ive set you”

Ji Shitings pupils constricted slightly.

“No matter what personality it is, Shitings consciousness still exists.” Ye Shengge looked at him coldly.

“You wont succeed.”

“No, I was successful in this step.” Professor Xu clicked his tongue regretfully.

“I successfully erased all his memories.

A persons consciousness is based on memories.

When his memories completely disappeared, he became a blank piece of paper.

Logically speaking, the chip program I set should have been effective when he woke up, but unfortunately, something went wrong… Now that three years have passed, Mr.

Ji has established his understanding of the world again, which means his consciousness has returned.

Its indeed difficult now, but its not impossible.”

Ye Shengges heart sank.

“Are you trying to erase his memories again”

Professor Xu smiled and said, “Ive been studying this technology for many years, and its finally matured.

Its a waste not to use it, isnt it The trouble is, Ive always gotten rid of my subjects memories before implanting a chip.

If the chip doesnt fail, theres no need to implant it again.

All I need to do is remove his memories and do a reattachment.

However, the results are completely unpredictable.”

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