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Chapter 939: Youre Really A Devil

Ye Shengge had been so shocked that she was numb to it.

Ji Shiting said, “Youre the surgeon from back then.

Gu Yimo is your student!”

“Thats right.” Professor Xu smiled.

“Is he okay now Ive been here ever since my death hoax back then.

I havent been in contact with outsiders for many years.”

“But youre a surgeon…” Ye Shengge bit her lips.

“Thats right.

I used to be a surgeon, but Ive always been interested in the brain of humans.

Ive been doing research in this area when I was studying.

Of course, since I want to study the human brain, its impossible not to study human psychology, so I also have a certification in psychology.

Thats the hospital sent you kids to me for psychological counseling,” said Professor Xu.

“After hearing your recount, I suddenly had an idea.

I put a capturing device in the eyes of the boy who killed someone.

I asked him to recount it to capture his emotions when he described the scenes.

After that, I put his memories in the chip and created a violent and bloodthirsty personality.

That feeling was very interesting.

It was as if Im God, and I was creating people.

Its amazing to know that your creation can be replicated in a living person.”

Ye Shengge started to tremble.

“So you put that chip in my brain Youre a demon!”

Ji Shiting had guessed it, so he was still calm, but his face was sullen.

He hugged the woman in his arms and asked, “How do you shape a personality”

“This might seem difficult but its actually very simple.” Professor Xu smiled.

“Actually, this is just a program.

For example, I set that this personality needs to see blood every time she opens her eyes, so shell do everything she can to stab the people around her.

If necessary, shell even stab herself.”

Ye Shengge couldnt help shaking as she recalled the knife she had stabbed into Ji Shitings chest that day.

It turned out that the instigator was the demon in front of her!

“However, even if you implant the chip in Shengges brain, it doesnt mean that the program can be activated,” Ji Shiting said calmly.

“Thats right.

You asked the most important question.” Professor Xu smiled.

“The chip is completely made of biological materials, so youll never notice its existence if you do a test.

Usage of the bio-electricity of the human body can allow this segment to begin operating.

This is the biggest breakthrough in my research.

However, I hadnt had any experience when I connected to Ms.


I didnt expect it to succeed.

I have to say, Ms.

Ye, youre very lucky.

I also tailored a personality for that boy.

Unfortunately, he failed when I connected to him.

The failed chip remained in his brain and caused irreversible damage, so the boy died not long after returning home.”

Ye Shengge couldnt help clenching Ji Shitings hand.

“Didnt the boys parents look for you”

“The boy died from suicide.

The failure chip made him wish he were dead, but it couldnt be investigated.

The boy was still young after all, and he couldnt handle the pain, so he jumped off a building and killed himself.

His parents thought the boy couldnt overcome the trauma of being kidnapped and killed, so they chose to commit suicide,” said Professor Xu with a look of pity.

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