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Chapter 935: Intense Postoperative Reaction

Ji Shiting then understood why Ji Ziliang kept his encounter a secret.

Hua Cheng chuckled and said, “Your father was Jing Zhiyuans lover for a while, and he probably couldnt take it anymore, so he scratched his face.

Jing Zhiyuan lost interest in him but he still refused to let him go.

Your father almost died trying to escape, and then he followed the people from the Qingfeng Gang and lived a peaceful life.

Jing Zhiyuan saw that he was smart when he was in the Breeze Gang so they let him go for now.

Your father thought Jing Zhiyuan didnt know his whereabouts.


Because of your father, Jing Zhiyuan targeted the Ji family when he decided to find a scapegoat.

It was only because he could push your father out as a hostage if necessary, and even get rid of your grandpa and you, letting Jiliang return to the Ji family to inherit T.S.

and become his puppet.

He had a good plan, and it turned out that you had pushed him to a dead end.”

“So he asked the people of the Qingfeng Gang to tamper with my car” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

“To be precise, he didnt order the Qingfeng Gang.

He asked his subordinates to find the Qingfeng Gang, which is why you were saved.

After all, Jing Zhiyuans subordinate didnt know that your father was hiding in the Qingfeng Gang.” Hua Cheng chuckled.

“After that, Jing Zhiyuan sent me a message asking me to think of a way to deal with you.

I thought about it and realized it wouldnt be fun to kill you directly, so I used Ji Ziliang to lure you here.”

“And experiment on me” Ji Shiting sneered.

“No, its not as simple as an experiment.” Hua Cheng curled her lips.

“Professor Xu spent more than ten years, and Jing Zhiyuan invested more than a billion in this technology.

Youre not just a test subject, but a member of our target list.

Youre our first target.”

“But obviously, you failed,” Ji Shiting said calmly.

“Thats right.” Hua Cheng sighed.

“After the operation, you fainted.

At that time, your father lowered himself and begged me to let him take you away.

I agreed because if the operation succeeded, you would naturally come back.

If the operation failed, you would die because you couldnt stand the intense postoperative reaction.

We didnt expect you to be fine.”

“Intense postoperative reaction” Ye Shengge couldnt help asking.

“What does that mean”

Hua Cheng didnt answer but smiled and said, “Were here.”

There was a white circular space in front of her.

Ye Shengge bit her lips, clenched the mans hand and looked at him worriedly.

She knew that Ji Shiting refused to leave because he was worried about her safety and wanted to find out the truth and collect evidence.

However, the information Hua Cheng had revealed made her shiver.

They were curious as to why Ji Shiting was fine, which didnt meet their expectations, so they insisted on getting Ji Shiting back, probably because they wanted to treat him as a research subject or operate on him again.

However, the outcome of a failed operation would be death.

She was terrified.

Ji Shiting could tell that she was worried.

He hugged her tightly and smiled, shaking his head to tell her not to be afraid.

However, how could Ye Shengge not be afraid

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