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Chapter 909: What… What Are You Trying to Do

“Um… Go back to sleep.” He pretended to be calm.

The girl didnt say anything.

Gu Yimo thought she had given up and felt relieved.

However, in the next second, a soft hand was placed on his shoulder.

Gu Yimos hair stood on end, and she rolled off the bed.


Gu!” The girl was shocked.

“Im fine.

Im fine.” Gu Yimo got up and jumped to the corner.

“Um, continue sleeping.

Ill go back to the living room…”


Gu.” The girl bit her lips.

“Do you hate me”

“No, no, no.” Gu Yimo shook his head and wanted to run away.

He didnt know what to do.

“Then why arent you looking at me Is it because Im not pretty…” The girls voice was hoarse, sounding aggrieved and confused.

Gu Yimo swallowed hard, looked up at her and lowered his head.

“I saw it… It looks good…”

The girl was indeed very good-looking.

Her petite face and innocent facial features were the type he liked.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have pointed her out.

The girl couldnt help chuckling as soon as he said that.

Gu Yimo blushed and said, “Dont bother about me.

Ill give you the money anyway!”

“But Fourth Young Master said that I wont get any money if I dont succeed,” the girl said.

Gu Yimo was shocked.

He hadnt expected Qiao Yanze to be so ruthless.

Although he could afford five hundred thousand, he only spent his money on research, and he was stingier than anyone else.

“So…” The girl got out of bed and walked toward him.

“What… What are you doing” Gu Yimo asked, looking at her in horror.

The girl saw that he was staring at her, so she pulled open her bathrobe and exposed her young body to a man for the first time.

Gu Yimo was caught off guard by the girls fair body.

He was panting as if someone had grabbed his neck.

His eyes were wide open, and he wanted to look away, but his eyes wouldnt listen.

He wasnt unfamiliar with the bodies of the opposite sex.

He had seen countless of them on the computer, but no matter how much he saw on the computer, it wasnt as exciting as seeing them in real life.

The girls white chest and black parts made him dizzy.

She seemed to be a bit ashamed, and she couldnt help shrinking her toes.

Gu Yimos gaze was drawn by her actions and to her slender legs.

‘This is a womans body.

So this is how it feels to see it with my own eyes… Its too exciting…

He suddenly felt his nose burn.

The girl wrapped her robe and said, “Mr.

Gu, you have a nosebleed!”

Gu Yimo touched it and found that his fingers were red.

The girl rushed to him and wiped away the blood on his nose, but Gu Yimos only thought was… He had never been so close to the opposite sex before.

He looked at the girls delicate face, her eyelashes, her red lips, and… the well-endowed chest under her collar.

His nose bled even more.

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