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Chapter 899: I Hate You, Ji Shiting!

Ye Shengge was lying on the sofa.

She was shocked to hear the mans voice, and she covered her chest with her phone.

She then sat up from the sofa and smiled at him.

“You shower so fast.”

Ji Shiting walked over and looked at her phone.

He then looked at her face with an ambiguous gaze.

“You seem nervous.”

He had heard the womans happy laughter from afar, so he had asked.

He hadnt expected her to cover her chest with her phone, indicating that she didnt want him to see her partner in the video.

Ye Shengge widened her eyes and said, “No, Im just doing it out of habit.”

“Really” The man raised an eyebrow.

“Why dont you show me your phone The video call hasnt ended yet.”

The woman had only held her phone to her chest, so she probably hadnt hung up yet.

“Why are you looking at my phone” Ye Shengge said.

Actually, it wasnt that she didnt want him to know about the two kids, but she had kept it a secret until now.

Even the two kids were cooperating with her, waiting to give that man a surprise the day after tomorrow.

If all her efforts went to waste, she couldnt help feeling a bit upset.

Ji Shiting stared at her and suddenly smirked.

“Youre hiding something from me.”

“No, no.” She shook her head innocently and her expression was just like that of the two kids.

However, Ji Shiting wasnt easily fooled unless he wasnt suspicious at all.

His eyes dimmed, and he suddenly said, “You said you hid two very important people at home.

I thought you were talking to me out of anger, but it looks like that might not be the case.”

If she was just spouting nonsense, she wouldnt have given such a specific number liketwo.

Unless she was telling the truth.

Ye Shengge looked a bit flustered.

She chuckled and said, “I was just saying it out of anger.”

Ji Shiting was certain of his assumption.

“Who are you hiding at home, huh” The man approached her.

Ye Shengge was still holding her phone.

She shrank back nervously, clenched her fist, and said, “If I say no, no.

Its up to you whether you believe me or not.”

His eyes turned cold.

“Ye Shengge, I thought you were trustworthy.” His voice sank.

If it werent for that womans passion and initiative, he wouldnt have accepted her so quickly.

However, he realized that she had always been holding back.


He believed that the woman wouldnt hide two men at home, but he was still very upset and even a bit cautious, as if something was out of his control.

Ye Shengge hadnt expected that man to be so cold.

“Okay, even if Im hiding something from you, why cant I be trusted” She sniffed.

“Would I hurt you”

Ji Shiting pursed his lips with a solemn gaze in his dark eyes.

He had lost his memory, and he often lost the foundation of judgment.

He didnt want to suspect her, but what if she had been acting all this time What if her acting skills were that good

Ye Shengge could tell that he was suspecting something.

She was furious and threw the phone at him.

“Ji Shiting, I hate you!”

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