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Chapter 879: Untitled

She couldnt remember how long it had been since she had cried.

It seemed that she had lost the ability to feel pain and sadness ever since.

However, her defense had almost been destroyed by his words today.

Qiao Yanze stroked her face, stood up, picked up the woman on the bed and walked to the bathroom.

The hot water rushed down her body, and Qiao Yanze washed away all the traces of love on her body.

He moved his hand around, and gradually, his actions changed.

He exerted more strength, and his breathing became irregular.

He couldnt help pressing the womans beautiful body against the wall and climax again.

Li Yinian was panting, and she leaned against him weakly.

“The man you went on a date today seems to be a doctor, huh” Qiao Yanze bit her ear and smiled.

“Youre serious about it, eh”

He remembered that she had said that she would marry a doctor or lawyer the day he let her go.

Li Yinian looked up and said, “Yes, Im serious.”

The man tightened his grip.

“Why Arent you afraid that hell mind the fact that you cant have kids”

“Ill date someone else if he doesnt like it,” she said quietly.

“Theres always someone who can accept me.”

Qiao Yanze sneered, “I can accept it.

Why bother going to such trouble”

“Youre kidding again, Fourth Young Master.” She curled her lips.

“Ordinary people dont have anything to inherit.

Its fine if they dont have kids, but your family has a corporation worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

If you dont have any descendants, your share of the inheritance will definitely be divided up by your siblings.”

Qiao Yanze didnt say anything because he knew that the woman was stating facts.

However, he didnt care.

However, he didnt want to repeat it.

That woman didnt believe him at all, or perhaps she just didnt care.

He swallowed hard and lifted her chin.

“Give up.

No one will dare marry you with me around.”

Li Yinian looked away and didnt say anything.

“Youd better explain it to that doctor.” Qiao Yanze pulled her face back.

“Otherwise, I dont mind showing him what his goddess looks like when shes beneath me.”

“You…” Li Yinians eyes widened.

“Qiao Yanze, youre shameless!”

“Only you would sleep with me while dating another man,” he said sarcastically.

Li Yinian sneered, “Qiao Yanze, you forced me.”

“Did I not make you comfortable just now” He approached her and smiled.

“Or have you forgotten Do you want to try it again”

Li Yinian couldnt help slapping him, but Qiao Yanze grabbed her wrist.

“I know what youre waiting for.

Youre waiting for the day I cant handle the pressure from my family.” Qiao Yanze suddenly smiled hoarsely.

“However, that day wont come.

Li Yinian, youll know my determination.”

Li Yinians eyelashes fluttered, and she suddenly smiled.

“You have to know that youve managed to tie me to you today because of your status as Fourth Young Master Qiao.

If you lose everything you have because you refused to listen to your familys arrangements, you wont be able to have me.”

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