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Chapter 878: The Thorn In My Flesh Cant Be Removed

Li Yinians eyelashes fluttered, and she suddenly smiled.


There are too many people coveting me.

I might be able to avoid one or two, but I dont have the ability to avoid all of them… I can only choose a man whos strong enough to help shield me from them.

Fourth Young Master, youre my best choice.

After all, were familiar enough, and you care about me.”

Qiao Yanze was silent for a while, then he sneered, “Very good.

This is indeed something you can do.

What about now Do you think the people who want you dont exist anymore Do you think you dont need protection anymore”

“At least those people who used to be interested in me have given up,” she said.

“There are still very few stubborn men in this world.

Fourth Young Master, youre like an anomaly.

I used to think you would get sick of me soon.”

“Im also curious why I cant get sick of your body,” he said hoarsely.

He suddenly pushed her onto the bed, lifted her waist and thrust into her from behind.

Li Yinian grabbed the bedsheets under her.

She felt shy being in this position, and her body was forced to bear his weight.

She soon felt her waist ache and her legs go limp, but the furious man wouldnt let her go so easily.

He moved fiercely as if he didnt know fatigue.

After some time, he finally finished.

Li Yinian felt that her lower body was completely numb, and she couldnt help collapsing on the bed.

Qiao Yanze kissed her beautiful back that was covered in sweat, and his voice was hoarse.

“Yinian.” He called her name.

“Tell me the real reason.”

The woman beneath him trembled and said, “Didnt I say that I cant bear the burden your sacrifice because I dont love you…”

“You cant lie to me or yourself,” he interrupted her and kissed her face.

“Ill find out sooner or later if you dont want to tell me.”

They hadnt talked about romance in the past three years, and they had been harmonious.

Qiao Yanze had always thought that he could make her trust his determination, but he hadnt realized until today that everything he had done was meaningless to her.

She had spent every waking moment thinking of leaving him.

Their relationship was so weak that it couldnt even withstand the blow of a rumor.

‘Shes infertile… The man put his hand on his belly and looked gloomy.

This might be a reason, but he felt that things werent that simple.

Li Yinian took a deep breath and put her hand on his chest.

“Qiao Yanze, why cant you let me go…”

So what if he found out It wouldnt change anything except put him through even more pain.

She still loved him, so she thought she would rather spend time with him than let him know the truth that he might not be able to handle.

“I also hope I can let you go.” Qiao Yanze suddenly smiled, and his voice was unbelievably gentle.

He held her face and looked into her dark eyes.

“But its you who refuses to let me of.

Youve been rooted in my heart and you refuse to come out.

What can I do Huh If you want to blame someone, blame yourself.

Who asked you to provoke me”

Li Yinian bit her lips, afraid that she would cry.

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