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Chapter 873: So Many Men Are Watching Her

“Thats right.” Ji Shiting nodded.

“Of course, I understand if you think its inappropriate.

After all, its dangerous, and youre a father.

You should be more cautious for the sake of your two kids.”

Qiao Yanze was rendered speechless.

According to Ji Shiting, he should be the one being cautious.

“What if I persuade you to stop” He said.

“Will you agree”

“I cant stay out of this just because I want to stop.” Ji Shiting smiled coldly.

“At least I have to find a way to recover my memory.”

Although he could understand everything that had happened in the past objectively, it was onlyknowing and notremembering.

There was a huge difference.

Qiao Yanze thought for a bit and agreed.

Most importantly, if the other partys experiment succeeded, the entire situation would be unstable, and they wouldnt be able to stay out of it.

“Dont worry.

Ill definitely help you.” Qiao Yanze put out the cigarette and threw it into the ashtray.

“What do you want me to do”

“You can think of a way to contact Jiang Yu, right I believe hell notice something.” Ji Shiting thought for a bit.

“If he wants to destroy this organization, we can cooperate with him.”

“No problem.

I can contact him.” Qiao Yanze nodded.

“Actually, its easy to contact him if you use Ji Shitings identity.”

“Ill contact him when you confirm that hes trustworthy.” Ji Shiting puffed out a smoke ring.

“Who knows if hes changed after three years”

“Dont worry.

Ill test his attitude first.” Qiao Yanze then changed the topic.

“Did you say you met sister-in-law”

Ji Shiting nodded and said, “Its all thanks to your help and care for her these years.”

“Not at all.” Qiao Yanze sneered.

“Your woman has the same temper as you.

I often give her advice out of kindness, but she never responds.

Over time, I couldnt be bothered with her.”

“It turns out that shes still doing well even if she doesnt take your advice.” Ji Shiting curled his lips.

Qiao Yanze was rendered speechless.

He sneered, “If you have time to laugh at me, you might as well find a way to keep an eye on that woman.

You dont know how popular she has been these past few years.

Most men who have worked with her who have all developed feelings for her.

From European bankers to financial giants in the United States, from old men in their seventies to young men in their twenties.

If your wife is willing, she can make you a cuckold in minutes.”

She had inherited all the assets under Ji Shitings name, and she was young and beautiful.

Coupled with her intelligence and ability, these qualities made her attractive to men.

Ji Shitings face became sullen.

He hadnt realized that.

It was mainly because he had never thought that way when he was with Ye Shengge, but even if she was loyal to him, it didnt mean that others wouldnt have feelings for her.

Ji Shiting clenched his fists at the thought of so many men harboring designs on her.

“Thats your fault too.

Why did you write such a will back then” Qiao Yanze snorted.

“Most people have additional conditions when they bequeath all their assets to their partners, such as a clause that prevents them from getting remarried, but you didnt include any.

Fortunately, Shengge really loves you.

If it were anyone else, they wouldnt have been able to stay loyal.”

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