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Chapter 864: Is That Woman Going Overboard

“If your father knows that you guys think Im more important than him, hell definitely be furious,” Qiao Yanze said and snorted.

“He deserves it.”

No matter what the reason was, it was too irresponsible to abandon his wife and kids.

It had been three years, and God knows where he was.

“Its your birthday in three days.” Qiao Yanze stroked the two kids heads.

“Tell me, what birthday present do you want”

Jinchen and Jinqing looked at each other.

“Uncle Qiao, can Jinchen and I be the flower boy and girl when you get married” Jinqing blinked.

“Get married What marriage” Qiao Yanze immediately became cautious.

“Auntie Li said so.” Ah Chen smiled innocently.

“He said you were going to marry another lady.

Would she be as beautiful as Aunt Li and like us too”

“No such thing!” Qiao Yanze gritted his teeth.

“Shes lying to you.

Dont listen to her nonsense!”

“But my brother and I want to be the flower boy and girl.” Jinqing felt aggrieved.

“Therell be a chance.” Qiao Yanze raised an eyebrow.

“You two can be the flower boy and girl when Aunt Li and I get married, okay”

“But Aunt Li doesnt like you!” Ah Chen said in surprise.

Qiao Yanze felt speechless.

‘Children really like running their mouths.

“Who says she doesnt like me She likes me a lot.” Qiao Yanze sneered.

“Your Aunt Li doesnt mean what she says.”

“But…” Jinqing said, confused.

“Aunt Li is dating another man.”

Qiao Yanze was dazed for a bit, but he refused to believe it.


He had been busy with work recently, and he hadnt seen that woman in days, but she was dating another man She wouldnt dare!

“Aunt Li said it herself yesterday.” Jinchen nodded.

“My sister and I heard it.”

Qiao Yanzes face was sullen.

He stroked the kids heads and said, “Good.

Uncle Qiao didnt dote on you in vain.”

“Uncle Qiao, are you bullying Aunt Li” Qinger asked worriedly.

“No.” Qiao Yanze smiled ambiguously.

“Ill only make her happy.”

He would at most make that woman cry in bed, why would he bully her

The two kids were still immersed in excitement after coming out of the zoo.

“Did you have fun”


“Its good that youre happy.

Uncle Qiao will take you to have a feast in the afternoon.” Qiao Yanze carried the two kids into the car.

“But you have to do me a favor later.”

“What favor” Jinchen asked.

“Youll know later.” Qiao Yanze suddenly smiled murderously.

If it werent for the two kids telling him, he wouldnt have known that Li Yinian had started dating another man.

Thus, he had asked around for Li Yinians whereabouts, and he had heard from Li Yinians assistant that she had a date this afternoon.

‘Hah, they just met last night, and they are going on another date again today.

Does that woman have a death wish

The two kids didnt know what Qiao Yanzes smile meant, but since Uncle Qiao asked them for help, they had to give him respect, so they nodded obediently.

Before long, the car arrived at the restaurant.

As a member, Qiao Yanze immediately got a seat without an appointment.

He held the two childrens hands and walked in.

Soon, he saw Li Yinians back.

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