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Chapter 859: Might Become an Idiot

Gu Yimo was a typical geek.

He often stayed in the laboratory for months and didnt talk to anyone.

Now that he was in the airport with people coming and going, he felt extremely uncomfortable.

Just as he was trying to find Ji Shiting, a man wearing a baseball cap stood in front of him.

He couldnt help gasping.

Suddenly, the man in front of him took off his baseball cap and revealed a familiar face.

“Old Ji, its really you!” He lowered his voice and punched his shoulder excitedly.

“Lets go to your research institute first.” Ji Shiting put on his baseball cap again and said.

“To be honest, I almost didnt recognize you if you werent wearing a suit.” Gu Yimo brought him to the parking lot and mumbled.

“Besides, you look so young in this dress.

I remember youre in your thirties.

Why havent you changed at all”

Ji Shiting observed his surroundings and didnt listen to him at all.

“Does sister-in-law know youre back I didnt even dare tell her… Why did you hide your identity” Gu Yimo was confused.

“What happened to you What do the illegal human trials have to do with you”

“How much did you find out” Ji Shiting said as he opened the car door.

“I know about seven or eight places that have such organizations, including Beijing and Yang City,” Gu Yimo said.

He realized that Ji Shiting was already in the drivers seat, so he opened the door of the front passenger seat.

“Any place where there are frequent bizarre disappearances is suspicious.

I know the specific addresses of a few institutes that conduct organ research…”

“Are there any that are focused on mind control” Ji Shiting started the car.

“There are definitely some, but I can only find out the general area, and I cant find the exact address.” Gu Yimo thought for a bit.

“Actually, many large research institutes are running similar experiments.

Some are just dabbling in it, and some are more evil… If we look into it carefully, there are many.

Even I have a drug that can control the mind.

After taking this drug, people will temporarily lose their consciousness and become very obedient.”

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow and said, “What side effects does that pill come with”

Gu Yimo thought for a bit and said, “One might become an idiot after taking it.”

“Huh… Where did you find your test subjects” Ji Shiting curled his lips.

“Patients with terminal illnesses… I gave them a lot of money.”

“No wonder your research institute spends so much money.”

“Its all thanks to you and your wife, but shes more generous than you,” Gu Yimo said smugly.

Ji Shiting paused and asked, “Is there a drug that can cause amnesia”

“Yes, but there are often serious side effects because its difficult for the drug not to damage your brain.

Its possible for you to become an idiot or even directly paralyzed,” Gu Yimo said.

“Your wifes memories were sealed by some kind of witchcraft when she was young.

I researched it later and felt that the witchcraft was similar to psychological cues coupled with some drugs.

It succeeded because she was young.

It might not have succeeded on an adult.”

“Witchcraft…” Ji Shitings eyes lit up.


“Why You dont remember” Gu Yimo found it strange.

“You should know better than me.”

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