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Qiao Yanze didnt get out until he had danced five songs.

He rushed back to the study room and opened the door, only to see Ji Shiting and Yu Shuhang sitting on the sofa, each holding a glass of wine, talking about the project in West City.

Qiao Yanze smiled and said, “You two are very relaxed.”

“Youre back in less than an hour” Yu Shuhang was surprised.

“It seems that not many of your ex-girlfriends came tonight.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have gotten away so easily”

Qiao Yanze sneered, “Ive never been bothered with those women downstairs.”

Hed always only dated celebrities and models, and the reason was simple.

They were easy to get rid of.

The socialites downstairs all had some background and were troublesome.

“I understand.” Ji Shiting smiled.

“After all, youve been tied up by a snake for ten years.”

Li Yinian, who Qiao Yanze couldnt forget, was the most popular girl in Yang City.

“…” Qiao Yanze glared at Ji Shiting.

He walked to the desk and saw two plates.

One of them was from the girl from before, and the other plate had a glass of wine and two glasses…

“Who brought drinks again”

“Uncle Jin.” Yu Shuhang waved his cup.

“Drink it at ease.”

Qiao Yanze then picked up the last glass of wine on the plate and drank it all.

Someone knocked on the door again.

Ji Shiting stood up and said, “Ill go.”

He walked to the door and saw Xie Siqi standing outside.

“Whats the matter” Ji Shiting asked coldly.

“Im here to give the keys to the guest rooms to Fourth Master Qiao and Young Master Yu.” Xie Siqi smiled and handed him two keys.

At the same time, she scanned the study room and saw the empty plate on the desk.

She pouted and said, “Its getting late.

If you dont mind, Young Master Yu and Fourth Master Qiao can stay in the guest rooms for one night.

Ji Shiting took the keys from her hands and smiled, “Thank you so much.”

“Ill definitely do what Grandpa Ji asked me to do.” Xie Siqi smiled.

“I wont bother you guys anymore.”

She then left.

Ji Shiting closed the door and said, “Do you guys want to stay overnight”

“Of course.

Its late, and I cant be bothered to drive back.” Qiao Yanze glanced at Yu Shuhang.

“What about you”

“Im not going back.” Yu Shuhang stroked his forehead.

“Give me the key.”

Ji Shiting played with the key in his hand, looking amused.

“Who wants to stay in my room” he asked.

Almost midnight, the guests left in groups.

All the guests who had drunk too much were sent to the guest rooms by the waiters.

Soon, the huge courtyard became quiet with lots of fruits and spilt drinks on the ground.

Ye Shengge had been hiding in the corner for a long time, and she noted down her plan on her phone.

When she finally finished, there were only a few people left.

She slapped her head, stood up and walked toward the guest room, but she bumped into a woman and fell to the ground.

“Ah!” The other person cried out.

Ye Shengge endured the pain and got up.

She took a look and was dazed.

“Ye Siyan”

Who else could it be if it wasnt Ye Siyan The girl had heavy makeup on, and her face was stunningly red.

Perhaps she was drunk.

However, Ye Siyan pretended not to hear anything.

She squatted on the ground and felt around, “Wheres my key”


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