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Chapter 841: Everyone Thinks Youre Dead

Ji Shiting frowned and said, “Then tell me everything you know.”

Old Yuan wiped his face and sighed, “Okay, I reckon there are a lot of things that youve guessed.”

Ji Ziliangs heart sank.

“Old Yuan.”

Compared to Old Yuan, Ji Ziliang didnt want Ji Shiting to leave.

“Hes leaving anyway.

It doesnt matter whether you say it or not.” Old Yuan looked at Ji Shiting.

“Actually, you were the successor of T.S.

Corporation in the firs place.”

Ji Shiting remained calm.

Old Yuan shrugged and said to Ji Ziliang, “Look, he knows.”

Ji Ziliang smiled bitterly and stood up.

“Tell him.”

He couldnt stand seeing any disappointment in Ji Shitings eyes.

He had been acting as a kind father these past few years, and he was used to hearing Ji Shiting call himfather.

When Ji Shiting found out the truth, he probably wouldnt say that word to him anymore.

Ji Shiting didnt ask her to stay.

After Ji Ziliang left, he looked at Old Yuan and said, “Speak.”

“Youve been paying attention to current affairs these past few years, havent you You must remember Jing Zhiyuans scandal three years ago.”

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow and nodded, “I remember.”

“He fell because of you…”

Old Yuan knew the entire process of Jing Zhiyuans fall.

After all, he had been part of the scheme at the time, but he had retreated when Jing Zhiyuan had been caught.

“But I dont know how you did it.

Anyway, others had scruples about you and tried to take revenge on you.

Someone sent your whereabouts to me and asked me to get rid of you.

However, Old Liang found out that you were his son, so he tried to save you,” said Old Yuan.

“Later, I accompanied you to Yang City.

After I returned, I found the yard filled with the smell of blood.

Old Liang was gone.”

“Are they Jing Zhiyuans people or his accomplices” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

“Most likely.” Old Yuan nodded.

“I left to gather people, and you stayed behind to look for clues but when I returned, I didnt see you.

It took me two days to get a call from Old Liang.

It turned out that you were all in the hospital but Old Liang woke up first.

I asked Old Liang later, and he said he was knocked unconscious and taken away.

He woke up in the hospital.”

Old Yuan shrugged.

Ji Shitings eyes glinted.

“So you hid my real identity so that I could stay and work for you” He smiled.

“I wouldnt dare!” Old Yuans lips twitched.

“I admit that I did have my reasons for hiding your true identity, but it was also for your safety.

After all, who knows whether the person who wanted to hurt you back then is still around What if they cause trouble for you when you become Ji Shiting again Everyone thinks youve been dead these past few years, which is why the Ji family is safe.”

Ji Shiting sneered and stood up.

Yuan Junkun looked at him and was about to say something, but he was stopped by Old Yuan.

Ji Shiting went to the backyard.

Ji Ziliang was watering the flowers.

The scars on his face were still twisted as if he was telling a story that was difficult to explain.

Ji Ziliang put down the kettle.

“You know everything”

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