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Chapter 809: Does Dad Dont Want Us Anymore

It was deep winter, and the heater was on in the room.

After Ye Shengge turned it on, she could feel the heat.

However, she still felt that the empty room was unusually cold, especially when she was being pestered by the two kids a second ago, which made the silence unbearable.

She couldnt help walking to the wardrobe and opening it.

It was filled with Ji Shitings clothes.

She squatted down, hugged the pile of clothes and took a deep breath.

Actually, after such a long time, the scent left by Ji Shiting was very faint, so faint that she thought it was her imagination.

Ye Shengge buried her face in the neatly folded shirt and couldnt help tearing up.

It had been three years, which amounted to more than a thousand days and nights.

She didnt know how she had survived.

She only knew that she really, really missed him, and she was about to go crazy.

If he could appear in front of her immediately, she was willing to exchange everything she had.

After a while, Ye Shengge calmed herself down.

She looked at her wet shirt and found it amusing.

She tidied the wardrobe and stood up.

However, when she turned around, she saw two children standing in front of her, holding hands and looking at her.

Ye Shengge didnt want the two kids to see her sad face.

She forced a smile and said, “Whats wrong Ive already said good night to you.”

“My sister insisted on coming to you, so I brought her here.” Ji Jinchen blinked innocently.

The girl looked at her brother and wrinkled her nose.

She wasnt.

Her brother had dragged her here, and she was about to fall asleep.

However, it seemed that her brother was right.

Her mother did seem upset.

“Mom, I want to sleep with you,” she said.


Ye Shengges heart was filled with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

She nodded with a smile and looked at her son.

“Wheres your brother”

“Im a man.

I want to protect you,” the child said.

“Thats why I want to sleep with you.”

Ye Shengge couldnt help smiling.

“Okay, thank you, little man.”

The bed in the master bedroom was more than enough for three people, not to mention that the two kids were still young.

After Ye Shengge lay down, the two kids snuggled into her embrace.

Ye Shengge couldnt help hugging them and begging, “Can you let me go”

“Are you happy, Mom” The girl turned around and put her chin on her shoulder.

“Ill be good if youre happy.”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

Although the two kids were naughty, they were very considerate.

Every time her emotions changed, it couldnt escape their eyes, which made her feel both relieved and sad.

“Of course Im happy.

You two never fail to make me happy.” She poked the girls face.

“Mom, were you thinking about Dad” Ji Jinchen blinked.

“You always act like this whenever you think of Dad.”

Ye Shengge smiled bitterly and said, “Dont you miss Dad”

“Ive never seen Dad before…” Ji Jinchen mumbled.

“Does Dad not want us anymore”

“Of course not.” Ye Shengge immediately denied it.

“Besides, youve seen Dad before.

Didnt I show you photos of him”

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