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Chapter 804: Quitting the Entertainment Industry indefinitely

Ye Shengge stayed in the hospital until she fully recovered before returning to Qianfan Villa with the babies.

The birth of two new lives made everyone happy.

Grandpa Ji moved to Qianfan Villa to teach Ye Shengge and visit the babies.

Shang Tianyi and Lin Ran would visit the two babies when they were free.

Lin Ran even insisted on staying in Qianfan Villa as her assistant, so Ye Shengge had to agree.

Ling Yutong would bring Little Zheng over occasionally.

Little Zheng liked the babies, and sometimes, Yu Shuhang would accompany them.

Even Li Yinian, who was busy with work, often took time to visit the two babies and even brought clothes she had made herself.

Ye Shengge hadnt realized until then that she had such a skill.

It could be seen that Li Yinian really liked children.

Ye Shengge felt that even the gaze in her eyes when she was looking at her children might not be as gentle as Li Yinians.

Qiao Yanze often chose to come over when Li Yinian was around.

When he found out that Li Yinian had become the godmother of the two kids, he insisted on being the childs godfather.

Ye Shengge refused because she needed Shitings permission.

Seeing that Ye Shengge had mentioned Ji Shiting, he had to stop.

With the help of Sister Xiu, Lin Ran, and the others, Ye Shengges pressure and workload as a novice mother were greatly relieved.

However, Ye Shengge would feed the babies and change their diapers whenever she had time.

The happiness she felt when she saw them smiling at her was unparalleled, especially when she watched the babies growing day by day.

She was passionate about documenting their growth and her own mood.

She saved them in different categories and waited for Ji Shiting to show them to her when he returned.

At the same time, Ye Shengges movies,Cross andMeeting Cupid, were released.

She had created an extremely attractive role inCross, and her acting skills were highly praised.

With the support of word of mouth,Cross actually achieved results comparable to top commercial films, and Ye Shengges fame and popularity had reached a new height.

Because of Chen Anzhi title as the International top director, this movie could be released in many countries, and it also obtained good box office results, which allowed Ye Shengges name to enter the sights of Hollywood.

Many movie critics said that if this movie was completely produced by Hollywood, it wouldnt be a problem to compete for the Best Film Academy Award, and Ye Shengge would at least be nominated for the best actress award.

‘Meeting Hollywood was released almost as soon as Cross.

In it, she played a role that was completely different from the female lead ofCross.

Her youthful and beautiful performance was also eye-catching.

Compared toCross which had a profound meaning,Meeting Cupid naturally had a larger audience.

This romantic comedy with a light tempo and interesting story that was full of humor, did even better thanCross in terms of box office sales.

The release of two movies in a row had pushed Ye Shengge to becoming an A-lister.

Her popularity, reputation and number of followings were the highest on the Internet, and there were all kinds of invitations.

As her manager, Shang Tianyi was both excited and wanted to cry.

He was excited because Ye Shengges achievements were better than he had expected.

He wanted to cry because… she wanted to quit the entertainment industry for an indefinite amount of time at this juncture.

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