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Chapter 801: No Reason Can Make Up for This Debt

Ji Shiting knew that he should leave, but he couldnt bear to let go of her hand.

He couldnt be by her side when she was at her most difficult time.

No matter how many reasons he had, he couldnt make up for it.

Sister Xiu, who was lying on the sofa, seemed to be waking up.

Ji Shiting put Ye Shengges hand back under the covers, kissed her eyes, and left.

Old Yuan was still the only one outside.

The woman was resting, and the medical staff wouldnt disturb her easily.

However, Old Yuan was relieved to see him come out and said, “Lets go.”

Ji Shiting didnt move.

He said, “Ill go to the nursery room.”

“No! There must be a nurse there.

Can you still leave if youre found” Old Yuan lowered his voice.

“Please, Mr.


You dont care whether Qingfeng Gang is dead or alive but you have to think about Old Liang, right Besides, what if someone finds out that youre still alive and they cant touch you and take revenge on the child”

Ji Shiting gave up on that idea after hearing his words.

He pulled down his hood and said, “Lets go.”

Ji Shiting was still driving on the way back, but he was colder and gloomier than before.

Old Yuan didnt even dare speak to him.

Fortunately, Ji Shiting seemed to have calmed down halfway.

“You should know that even if I cant show my face and let others know that Im still alive, I dont have to stay in your the Qingfeng Gang,” he said coldly.

“Of course,” Old Yuan said with a smile.

“Its indeed unkind of me to insist on you staying, but theres no choice.

We didnt trust each other at first, and I was afraid that you would implicate us.

If you were willing to cooperate, Mr.

Ji, I wouldnt have treated you like before.”

Ji Shiting sneered, “How far is Jing Zhiyuans case going”

“Hes so stubborn.

He took responsibility for everything, and he didnt implicate anyone, not the underlings or superiors.

I heard that he has a daughter, and he probably doesnt dare to be stubborn because he wants his daughter to live better.” Old Yuan sighed.

“But this is bad news for us, especially for you.”

Of course, Ji Shiting was aware of that.

When he chose to take down Jing Zhiyuan in this way, he knew that would definitely arouse the fear of others, which was why he had been very careful from the start.

It would be best if he could escape unscathed, but if not… he was prepared to handle it well too.

“Jing Zhiyuans case is like a demon mirror.

Even if we cant get a handle on them, its enough to expose them.” Ji Shiting sneered.

“Someone will worry about this.”

Some things wouldnt end so easily after starting.

Besides, given Jiang Yus personality, he wouldnt let it go.

Old Yuan clicked his tongue and said, “No wonder youre not in a hurry.”

“But that doesnt mean we cant do anything,” Ji Shiting said.

“I need enough information.”

“Li City is just a temporary base.

Well change locations immediately.

I guarantee youll have a comfortable life, Mr.


You can use the phone or Internet as you please.” Old Yuan was very reasonable.

Since the two of them had reached an agreement to cooperate, he needed to give Ji Shiting enough trust.

“By the way, what business do you think the Qingfeng Gang should do in the upcoming transition Speaking of which, are you willing to cooperate with me You can invest in technology.”

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