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Chapter 798: Sorry Im Late

At the same time, Ji Shiting arrived in Yang City.

The mans face sank, and he drove fast.

Old Yuan, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was a bit afraid.

He said half-jokingly, “Mr.

Ji, are you going to die with me”

“Dream on,” Ji Shiting said expressionlessly.

“Thats true.

Thats true.” Old Yuan chuckled.


Ji, I didnt do it on purpose.

I, Old Yuan, have been doing well in the triads all my life because Im cautious.

Which of those big shots are easy to get along with They might seem to be on the same side, but in reality, theyre all very cautious of you.

Otherwise, why would anyone want to kill you after Jing Zhiyuan fell Actually, I still dont know which big shot gave the order, but its obvious that they think youre a threat.

I agreed to let you go because Im softhearted.

Of course, I cant let you go back like this.

Otherwise, Ill be in deep trouble.”

“How long are you going to lock me up” Ji Shiting asked.

However, Old Yuan was very shameless.

“After the storm passes, I just want to protect the Qingfeng Gang.

This isnt an unreasonable request, right Im in danger now because I saved you.


Ji, youre not the kind of person who doesnt want to repay favors, right”

Ji Shiting smiled and sneered.

“Youre willing to risk saving me because I can bring you benefits,” he said coldly.

“But its true that Old Liang and I saved you.” Old Yuan chuckled.

“I dont want to oppose you at all, Mr.


Thus, Old Yuan realized that Ji Shiting really wanted to return to Yang City, so he relented even if he wasnt willing.

If he became enemies with Ji Shiting, his goal would be difficult to achieve.

He had told Ji Shiting so much because he wanted him to cooperate.

Ji Shiting could tell that.

He said, “I wont let anyone find me this time.”

“Thats great.” Old Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

“Dont worry, Mr.


I wont take up too much of your time.

Youve been missing for three months, so I dont mind keeping you here for a few more months.”

Ji Shiting sneered and stepped on the accelerator.

He wasnt sure whether Shengge would really give birth today, but his instincts were getting stronger.

‘Wait for me, Shengge.

It isnt easy for twins to be born via natural birth, but Ye Shengge still wanted to try, so Dr.

Qin arranged for an anesthetist to give her epidural.

Perhaps it was because of the epidural, Ye Shengge felt that it was surreal every time she recalled the day that she went into labor.

When the frequency of painful contractions was at its highest, even the painkillers couldnt alleviate it.

She felt as if all her bones were creaking.

The light shining down from above her head was very glaring, and she heard the conversation between the doctor and nurse.

It seemed that someone had been asking her to exert strength.

She breathed heavily and felt that she was about to faint in the next second.

Her vision gradually blurred, and the bedsheets under her were drenched in sweat.

At this moment, she saw Ji Shiting.

The mans handsome face was filled with guilt and heartache.

He held her hand tightly as if he wanted to pass his strength to her.

“Shengge, Im sorry Im late.”

At that moment, she couldnt help feeling aggrieved as her pent up emotions overflowed.

“It hurts…” She mumbled.

“Shiting, where are you…”

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