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Chapter 794: He Doesnt Care About You, But You Do

“Then who are you” Ji Shiting sneered.

“Ill get you another bowl of rice.” Old Liang turned around and left.

Ji Shiting clenched his fists as he watched him leave.

This place was too remote, and the few residents were all elderly.

There were no young people at all, let alone access to electronic products.

His freedom wasnt completely restricted, but he knew that Old Yuan was very cautious of him.

Nothing he did could escape his eyes.

Besides, he didnt know anything about the outside world, so he didnt dare act rashly.

He didnt even know what time it was.

After all, he had been unconscious for a few days.

He could only estimate that at least half a month had passed since his accident.

Half a month…

He couldnt imagine how his grandpa and Ye Shengge would feel, especially Shengge…

He closed his eyes, feeling anxious.

Before long, Old Liang brought over a bowl of rice, which was filled with vegetables and fish.

He put the bowl of rice in front of Ji Shiting and cleaned up his bowl.


Old Yuan wont let you go,” he said.

In other words, it wouldnt be of any use even if Ji Shiting refused to take his meals.

Ji Shiting opened his eyes and said calmly, “He doesnt care about me, but you do.”

The scar on Old Liangs face twitched again.

“Even so, I cant help you,” he said.

“Old Yuan saved my life.

I couldnt have betrayed him more than once.”

Ji Shitings pupils contracted.

Old Liang had admitted his identity.

Although Ji Shiting had already confirmed that he was Ji Ziliang, guessing was one thing, and hearing him admit it was another.

Ji Shiting hadnt expected to reunite with him under such circumstances after more than twenty years.

He was still alive.

Why hadnt he returned Why did he refuse to contact him and his grandpa, and what had happened to him all these years

Perhaps the scars on his face were the answer to those questions.

Ji Shiting resisted the urge to ask.

“Please tell Old Yuan that I know what he wants,” Ji Shiting said.

“I can help him.”

Old Liang looked at him and nodded gently.

The Qingfeng Gang was a gang that had developed in the past decade.

They were mainly active in the north, and were involved in smuggling activities and running gray-area businesses that were at the edge of the law.

They had some connections with many high officials.

Other than providing them regularly, they would sometimes do some dirty work for them in exchange for some convenience.

That was all Ji Shiting knew about them.

Because it wasnt dangerous, the Qingfeng Gang hadnt been suppressed yet.

However, Old Yuan was obviously someone with ideas, so he wouldnt be satisfied.

If he could feel his pulse, it wouldnt be difficult for him to leave.

Before long, Old Yuan came to him.


Ji, I heard you refused to eat.

Is the food too low-quality for you” He clicked his tongue.

“I know you want to change your career,” Ji Shiting said.

“I can help you launder all your money and their sources.

Three months is the limit.”

His children would be born in three months, and he couldnt miss their birth.

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