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Chapter 793: Are You Planning to Go On A Hunger Strike

“Old Liang,” Ji Shiting suddenly said.

“Is your surname really Liang”

Old Liang paused for a bit and said, “Of course.”

“Whats your full name”

“I dont remember.”

“Really” Ji Shiting smiled.

“Do you remember the name Ji Ziliang”

Old Liangs hand trembled.

He looked up at him and lowered his head.

“I dont remember.”

“I didnt have time to jump out of the car that day, and I fell off the bridge with the car.

I thought I could escape, but the huge impact made me unconscious.

If it werent for you, I wouldve died.” Ji Shiting smiled.

“I havent had the chance to thank you.”

“You dont need to thank me.” Old Liang turned around and left.

“Although most of your face is disfigured, I found you very familiar the moment I saw you,” Ji Shiting said.

“Besides, dont you think our eyes are very similar”

The only feature that was intact on Old Liangs face was his eyes.

Ji Shiting had heard from his grandfather that his eyes were the features that resembled his fathers the most.

Besides, he had seen photos of Ji Ziliang when he was young.

Ji Ziliang looked melancholic and devoted, but he hadnt inherited his fathers temperament.

Ji Shiting could remember the joy and relief in Old Liangs eyes when he woke up.

Both the familiar face and the emotions in his eyes pointed to one person.

After spending some time together with some time, he was more certain of that conjecture.

Old Liang stopped in his tracks.

“Youre kidding, Mr.

Ji.” His voice was rough.

“Why would I look like you”

“Let me put it another way.” Ji Shiting stared at him.

“Youre very similar to my father who died at a young age.”

“Whatever you say.” Old Liang didnt argue back.

“The food is getting cold.

Eat up.”

However, Ji Shiting flipped the bowl and said calmly, “I wont eat it unless you tell me the truth.”

“Are you going to go on a hunger strike, Mr.

Ji” His face twitched, and he looked a bit angry.

“You spent so much effort to save me.

You wont just watch me die,” Ji Shiting said calmly.

“Of course, maybe you dont care.

That would make things easier.”

Old Liang couldnt help glaring at him.

However, he couldnt help looking away when he saw the mans calm and deep eyes.

“We dont mean any harm, Mr.


Its just not a good time for you to go back.”

“Will I be the one in trouble if others find out that Im still alive, or will you” Ji Shiting sounded aggressive.

“If Im not mistaken, you were hired by someone.

Perhaps it was Jing Zhiyuan or someone else, so it was you who tampered with my car.

That way, you can decide when the car loses control and save me.

As for the reason… If youre the person I think you are, the reason is there.

A father doesnt want his son to die and doesnt want to implicate anyone around him, so he did this.”

Old Liang paused and looked into his eyes again.

This time, he didnt avoid it.

“Your father is dead.”

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