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Chapter 787: So Many People Love Them Before Theyre Born

Ten days later.

Ye Shengge was awakened in the morning by a cramp in her calf.

She took a deep breath and tried to suppress her moan.

Fortunately, Sister Xiu had been sleeping on the sofa in the bedroom recently.

She sat up when she heard some noises, rushed to the bed, and pressed her acupuncture points to help her relax.

Ye Shengge finally relaxed.

“Much better.

Thank you.”

“Youre being too polite, Young Madam.” Sister Xiu continued to massage her.

“Its still early.

Do you want to sleep for a while longer”

Ye Shengge shook her head and said, “I cant sleep.”

Sister Xiu looked sad.

Her lips moved, but she stopped herself from saying all the comforting words.

“Okay.” She nodded, picked up the shoes and put them on for Ye Shengge.

Half an hour later, Ye Shengge came to the restaurant for breakfast.

She ate very slowly and seriously, as if eating was something she needed to be cautious about.

Sister Xiu stood at the side, feeling sorry for Ye Shengge more than ever.

Whether it was the old manor or Qianfan Villa, everyone was worried about Ye Shengge.

Uncle Jin would call Sister Xiu everyday to ask about Ye Shengge, while she would stay by Ye Shengges side round the clock.

However, to everyones surprise, Ye Shengge looked calmer than ever.

She ate on time and wouldnt starve herself.

She would take a walk for at least half an hour in the evening or do prenatal yoga to become stronger for labor.

She would spend an hour on work every day and spend the rest of her time reading books on childbirth and prenatal education.

They didnt need to worry at all.

However, Sister Xius heart ached more.

In the past, she had only thought that Ye Shengge was a spoiled and delicate girl, and it was especially so when she interacted with Ji Shiting.

Thus, she had thought that the news of Ji Shitings disappearance would make Ye Shengge break down, but the truth was the opposite.

Faced with such an accident, Ye Shengge seemed to be stronger than Grandpa Ji.

Sister Xiu suddenly understood why Ji Shiting doted on Ye Shengge so much.

She couldnt help wiping her eyes as she suddenly felt sad.

Ye Shengge coincidentally put down her chopsticks.

“Im done.” Ye Shengge smiled at her.

“Sister Xiu, hows the decoration of the babys room Is there still space for the things Grandpa asked Uncle Jin to deliver”

Sister Xiu stopped feeling sad and smiled, “Of course.

Ive got another toy house.

There are many empty rooms at home.”

Ye Shengge put her hands on her belly and mumbled, “These two children are actually very lucky.

There are so many people who love them before theyre even born.”

Sister Xiu wanted to cry again, but she resisted it.

Sun Ye walked in.

Sun Ye had been discharged a week ago.

After he was discharged, he didnt have time to rest.

He immediately went to the site where he and Ji Shiting had gotten into the accident and tried to give Feng Jing a clue.

He stayed there for a few days.

Unfortunately, there were still no clues.

That river was just short of being dug by Feng Jing and the others.

Sun Ye had returned to T.S.

Corporation to assist the vice presidents after returning, so Ye Shengge was surprised to see him here.

She pursed her lips and couldnt help feeling hopeful, but when she saw Sun Yes face, she suppressed her anticipation.

Sun Ye wouldnt have had such an expression if he had news about Shiting.

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