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Chapter 782: Congratulations

When Jiang Yu arrived, he saw the girl sitting at the top of the stairs.

She was hugging her knees in a daze.

Her blushing face was pale, and she looked lifeless.

Although he was mentally prepared, the scene still made his heart ache.

“Jing Tong.” The man walked to her and said.

“Your father has prepared an education fund for you.

Its enough to fund you through your entire course of study.”

The girl finally looked up and was confused.

It took her a while to recognize who it was.

“Jiang Yu, its you,” she mumbled.

“Its me,” Jiang Yu said.

“Just let me know if you need any help in the future.”

Jing Tong smiled and said, “Whats this about charity”


Weve known each other for so many years.

I cant leave you alone,” Jiang Yu said.

“Ive always treated you as a sister.”

Jing Tong suddenly whimpered.

“Sister…” There was an inexplicable bizarreness in her tone.

“Jiang Yu, I just want to ask you whether you knew about my father.”

Jiang Yu clenched his fist, but he wouldnt lie because it just wasnt in him to do so.


“What role did you play” Jing Tong stared at him.

“I handed over the evidence of your father violating the discipline,” Jiang Yu said.

Jing Tong crossed her arms and shivered.

“Why, Jiang Yu Why…”

“He made a big mistake.

I had to stop him,” Jiang Yu said without hesitation.

“Hes a good father to you, but to others, hes a demon.

Jing Tong, you should know that your father isnt innocent at all.”

He sounded stern towards the end of his sentence.

Jing Tong laughed and her laughter got louder and louder.

She even started tearing up.

“Jing Tong” Jiang Yu frowned.

“Yes, my father deserves it.” She held the railing and stood up slowly.

“Ive accepted that a long time ago.

I dont need you to tell me.

I just dont understand why it had to be you.”

“If it were someone else, the evidence might not have reached the higher-ups…”

“You always have a reason for everything.” Jing Tong choked.

“I only know that youve never considered my wellbeing when you made this decision, even for a second.”

‘This man is so cold-blooded and heartless.

Even at this point, hes still saying it to my face that my father deserves it. It would have been fine if it were someone else, but she didnt understand why it had to be him.

Why did he have to break her heart

Jiang Yu took a deep breath and moved his lips, wanting to say something, but he stopped.

“Thank you.” The girl looked at him, looking like she was crying and laughing.

“You used this method to let me know how much you hate me, and to let me give up on you completely.”

All her fantasies were destroyed at that moment, and she realized how ridiculous she had been.

“Jing Tong!” Jiang Yu suddenly felt his heart ache.

He tried to help her, but the girl pushed him away.

“I heard you made a great contribution this time, huh Congratulations.

You should be promoted soon,” Jing Tong said.

“No wonder you had to hand over the materials yourself.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have gotten the credit.”

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