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Chapter 754: Being Treated Differently

“Thats right.

I really cant bear to, but… I think the baby is more important.

What do you think” She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Ji Shiting looked down and stared at her nonchalant face.

If he hadnt seen the disappointment on her face when he first came in, he mightve believed her.

“As long as youre happy.” He smiled.

“Thats great.” The woman seemed relieved.

“Ill have to trouble Producer Chu and Director Wang… There are a few newcomers in the studio who match the style.

We can let them try.”

“Okay, Ill listen to you.” Ji Shiting stroked her face and kissed her lips.

Late at night.

The woman had fallen asleep in his arms, breathing smoothly and evenly.

She put her right hand on his chest.

Ji Shiting grabbed her hand and kissed it.

A few seconds later, he put her hand aside and walked out of the bedroom.

The man called Chu Dongyang and asked what was going on.

Chu Dongyang could tell that something was wrong with Ji Shitings tone.

He wanted to pretend not to know, but he couldnt help stuttering when he lied to Ji Shiting.

He had to tell her the truth.

Ji Shiting said coldly, “What if I give more money I can double or triple the budget as long as you can give them an irresistible salary.”

Chu Dongyang didnt say anything for a long time.

He was indeed a big shot.


Ji…” Chu Dongyang coughed.” I believe most of the staff will choose to stay because of the money, but theyll definitely be cautious and reject Ms.

Ye… I reckon Ms.

Ye might not want to be treated this way.

Ji Shiting pursed his lips.

It wasnt that he didnt understand, but he still couldnt help feeling angry.

“Ill think of a way, but dont agree if she calls you and quit,” Ji Shiting said coldly.

“I understand.”

Ji Shiting held his phone after hanging up the phone.

He wanted Ye Shengge to quit work and stay at home to nurse her pregnancy, but… he didnt want that to be the reason.

She had been ostracized because of the birthmark on her face since she was young and she would get frowned upon.

Now that she had finally gotten over it, she was more and more confident.

Perhaps she was no longer afraid of the outside world, but Ji Shiting couldnt stand seeing her being treated like this.

After a few seconds of silence, Ji Shiting turned around and returned to the bedroom.

He didnt turn on the lights, so the room was dark.

Before she reached the bed, the man noticed something.

He frowned and turned on the bedside lamp.

Sure enough, the woman was already awake.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed, and one of the straps of her nightdress slid down, revealing her smooth and fair shoulders.

The moment the lights were on, she closed her eyes, opened them again, and smiled at him.

“I remember this place,” she said.

“I hurt you here last time.”

“Its you.” Ji Shiting was a bit surprised.

“Long time no see.”

“I remember I was locked up.

They were bad.

I told them I didnt do it, but they didnt believe me and kept questioning me.” The woman stared at him.

“Did you avenge me Or rather, avenge her”

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