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Chapter 750: New Discovery

Jing Tongs smile froze as her spirits were dampened by his words.

She put her hands on the desk and sneered after a long time.

She said nonchalantly, “Its none of your business.

I didnt force him.

Besides, Ive changed my target and wont pester you anymore.

Shouldnt you be happy”

Jiang Yu frowned and didnt argue back as he decided to curb his urge.

“Go back.

You dont have the right to ask about this case.”

Jing Tong was furious.

“I know even if you dont say it.” She snorted.

“Theres definitely no progress, right You can only target Ye Shengge.

How useless.”

The contempt in the girls eyes was so obvious that Jiang Yu was furious.

He had always been calm, and many people had provoked and insulted him, but he rarely showed any emotions.

Only Jing Tong often made him lose his rationality.

“Ye Shengge is the prime suspect,” Jiang Yu said coldly.

“All the evidence points to her.”

If Ye Shengge hadnt been so determined to deny it, and her assistant hadnt insisted that she hadnt killed anyone, Jiang Yu wouldve thought the case was solved.

“That doesnt mean shes the murderer!”

“The CCTV shows that no one entered the makeup room after Ye Shengge left.

Who else could it be”

“Perhaps the murderer has been hiding in the makeup room way beforehand!” Jing Tong blurted out.

“The makeup room is usually very messy.

Its too easy for the culprit to hide himself!”

Jiang Yu was dazed.

“What did you say”

“Isnt that always the case in those crime dramas on TV The murderer often lies in wait at the crime scene and runs away after the victim is found,” Jing Tong said.

Jiang Yu couldnt be bothered to argue with her, so he played the CCTV footage on the computer.

All the CCTV footage on the day of the murder had been saved, and he had watched them countless times.

However, he suddenly recalled that the CCTV footage was blacked out for half an hour at dawn, and it was said that it was because of the circuit inspection.

However, what if the murderer had sneaked into the makeup room

It wasnt impossible.

According to the staff of the TV station, Ye Shengge was the only one who had used the makeup room that morning.

Other than Ye Shengge and her assistant, only the makeup artist and director had been inside the room.

The fewer people there were, the less likely the murderer would be found.

If it had been Ye Shengge, he mightve figured out that the murderer was hiding in the makeup room because Ye Shengges schedule was fixed, but Xie Siqis appearance was an accident.

This meant that the murderer was certain that Xie Siqi would show up.

Jing Tong was a bit surprised.

“What are you doing”

Jiang Yu looked at her and then at the screen.

He immediately skipped to the part of the footage where the victims corpse had been found.

However, there was nothing suspicious about the number of people entering.

Jiang Yu wasnt surprised.

The murderer was obviously meticulous and wouldnt leave such an obvious flaw, but it was indeed a new idea.

He took a deep breath and turned off the CCTV footage.

“Why Did you find something new” Jing Tong was smug.

“Is it all thanks to me”

“Nothing new.” Jiang Yu retorted hostilely.

“You can leave now.”

Jing Tong snorted and said, “I wont leave.”

Jiang Yu ignored her and asked Officer Liu and the others to leave.

Jing Tong tagged along.

‘Tsk, and yet, he said he hadnt found anything new.

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