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Chapter 732: Not Concealed At All

“Got it,” Li Yinian smiled.

Lin Ran didnt think too much about it and returned to the living room.

In the kitchen, Li Yinian put her hands on the mans shoulders.

She wasnt panting, but her voice was hoarse.

“Do you still want to continue”

Qiao Yanze narrowed his eyes.

That woman was obviously gloating.

She had been waiting for this moment.

However, no matter how bold he was, he wouldnt act like this in front of Ji Shiting.

His Adams apple bobbed, and he frowned and took a step back.

“Ill deal with you tonight,” he said through gritted teeth.

He adjusted his clothes and kissed the womans lips.

Li Yinian pushed him away, adjusted her clothes and jumped off the counter.

Her movements were normal, and she didnt show any signs of weakness.

“Get out.” Li Yinian raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“I still have to prepare dinner.”

The mans eyes dimmed.

Her body felt uncomfortable, but the woman didnt hide her gloating.

Qiao Yanze wanted to immediately pound her ten times to see if she could still smile.

However, halfway through, the woman turned around and smiled at him.

Qiao Yanzes belly clenched again.

He closed the kitchen door, grabbed her waist again and put her on the counter.

“Qiao Yanze!” Li Yinians expression finally changed.

“You asked for it,” he said and kissed her hard.

In the living room, Lin Ran was crying with Ye Shengge in her arms.

Shang Tianyi had just arrived, and he was blinking hard to suppress the urge to cry.

Ye Shengge felt sour, but she didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

She could only comfort Lin Ran.

Ji Shiting stood behind Ye Shengge and watched the two women hugging each other.

Shang Tianyi calmed himself down and saw Ji Shiting.

He couldnt help walking over and saying, “Mr.


Ji Shiting looked at him.

“Um… Shengges been in the center of public opinion lately.” Shang Tianyi tried to find the right words.

“Im worried that she wont have a place in the entertainment world even if shes cleared of all suspicions…”

Most importantly, few people would dare work with Ye Shengges second personality around.

“Dont worry,” Ji Shiting said.

“Her career wont be affected.”

“Everyones been talking about it online these days…”

“Are you questioning me” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

“No.” Shang Tianyi was terrified.

“Its not as simple as it looks.

I know what Im doing,” Ji Shiting said.

“Thats good, thats good.” Shang Tianyi breathed a sigh of relief after getting the answer he wanted.

Elsewhere, Lin Ran finally stopped hugging Ye Shengge and crying.

Ji Shiting couldnt take it anymore.

He walked over and hugged Ye Shengge.

“Go back to your room for a rest and have lunch downstairs.”

“By the way, Sister Yinian is making lunch.” Lin Ran rubbed her eyes.

“She and Mr.

Qiao are still in the kitchen.”

Ji Shiting frowned.

“Is Qiao Yanze here too”


“Ill ask Sun Ye to deliver food.” Ji Shiting looked upset.

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