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“Dinner banquet” Ji Shiting received a phone call from his grandpa.

“Grandpa, have you been feeling lonely recently”

“Ive always been lonely!” Grandpa Ji wasnt happy.

“Didnt you promise to find me a granddaughter-in-law Im trying to give you a chance! Ive sent invitations to all the rich ladies in Yang City for this banquet.

There must be someone you like, right”

Ji Shiting thought for a bit, then he smiled and said, “Okay.

Give me a couple of invitations too.

Ill send them to my business partners.”

“Sure,” said Grandpa Ji.

“But let me tell you something.

The main purpose of this banquet is to get you a wife.

Dont just focus on business!”

Ji Shiting stroked his forehead and said, “Ill try my best.”

“Okay.” Grandpa Ji was satisfied.

“Come back early tomorrow night.

Even if there are any pressing matters, just postpone them!”

“Alright.” Ji Shiting hung up the phone and drummed his fingers on the desk.

This was a habit of his.

He didnt know whether this idea of his grandfathers was because of Xie Siqi.

What was that woman trying to do


Elsewhere, Ye Shengge stayed in Ming Building for days, pouring over the script.

Even her daily three meals were sent over by Lin Qi.

Shang Tianyi was in charge of the company, so she didnt need to worry about it.

However, she still made some calls to the Ye family.

No one picked up the first few times and Ye Shengge could imagine how desperate those three people were.

However, someone picked up the phone today.

It was Ye Siyan.

“Sister Shengge.” Ye Siyans tone sounded high and mighty.

“Yes, its me.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Whats your plan concerning the contract Do you want to have it continue”

“No, I wont fulfill my end of the contract.” She said smugly.

“Of course, I wont give you ten million for breaking the contract either.”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

“Are you going to pay me twenty million in court”

“Go ahead and sue me!” Ye Siyan laughed.

“But let me tell you.

You wont win! Hahaha!”

Ye Siyan then hung up the phone.

That phone call in the afternoon was from a butler who called himself Uncle Jin.

He had informed Ye Siyan that the Ji familys dinner tonight was to pick a wife for Ji Shiting.

It was also mentioned that the Ji familys old master loved her and thought highly of her, so he would try his best to give her a chance.

What did that mean It meant that she would become Ji Shitings wife very soon! She wouldnt need to be afraid of a mere contract.

As long as she married into the Ji family, any top-notch resources in the entertainment world would be at her disposal!

Ye Siyan blushed.

She didnt know why she was so lucky, but she would never let this chance go.

Ye Shengge was a bit surprised by the busy tone.

What had made her so fearless

Although she said she was going to sue them, it would take her too long to go to court.

She didnt have that much time, so she had to give up if the Ye family refused to compromise.

The studio that was cooperating with T.S.

Corporation might have less initial investments, but it didnt matter as she could still get more.

Thinking of that, Ye Shengge shoved aside her thoughts and went to the script meeting forXue Ning.


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