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Chapter 722: Intent To Kill

“Thats just normal psychotherapy…” Officer Liu argued.

“What psychotherapy allows frequent hypnosis of patients” Ji Shiting sneered.

“Why dont you experience it yourself, Officer Liu Or let your wife and child experience it”

Officer Liu was rendered speechless.

He could only swallow his anger and say, “Sorry, Ill be more careful in the future.”

“I hope so,” Ji Shiting said without hiding his threat.

“Otherwise, you wont be able to bear the consequences.”

Three days passed.

In the past three days, Officer Liu hadnt given up.

He would bring a psychiatrist to hypnotize Ye Shengge every day, but he had restrained himself a lot.

He only dared to hypnotize her twice a day, mainly because Ye Shengge would definitely feel sick and have a headache after two times.

Sometimes, she would react strongly after just once.

Although he suspected that Ye Shengge was pretending, he could only stop when he thought about how that woman was pregnant.

Besides, Ji Shiting had applied to meet his client every day since he became Ye Shengges lawyer, which made Officer Liu more cautious.

Thus, he still hadnt made any progress in the past three days.

There were still no more clues on the scene.

Ye Shengge refused to confess, and the police couldnt find stronger evidence, so the case could only remain stuck..

On one hand, it was because of the pressure from the Xie family, and on the other, it was because of Ji Shiting.

After these few days, Officer Liu had almost gone bald from pulling his own hair.

However, good news finally came from Beijing.

Because the entire country was paying attention to the case, and the case hadnt progressed yet, the police station in Beijing had sent a police chief to take charge of the case.

The chief called Jiang Yu was from a military family, and he had served in the army before.

He had been promoted to a lieutenant general, and it was said that he was tough and capable, and he was honest.

At least, with his background and family background, he could be fearless of any external threats and focus on the case.

Thus, when Jiang Yu arrived in Yang City, he was warmly welcomed by Officer Liu.

He reported everything about the case without hesitation, as if he was willing to be his assistant.

“Ji Shiting” Jiang Yu finally smiled upon hearing that name.

“I didnt expect him to be stopping the progress of the case.”

“Thats right,” Officer Liu said.

“He has a close relationship with the suspect.”

Jiang Yu nodded and said, “Give me the dossier and arrange for the suspect to be hypnotized again in half an hour.”

Officer Liu agreed without hesitation.

Although the temporarily appointed police chief looked rather young, at most thirty, Officer Liu didnt dare slight him at all.

Not to mention the other partys family background, just the strength and confidence exuded by the man was enough to make him concede.

Ye Shengge couldnt help frowning when she was brought to the interrogation room.

Although Officer Liu didnt dare to hypnotize her often these days, her second personality was starting to get worked up.

Ye Shengge could feel that she was getting more and more irritated, and sometimes, her second personality would become more murderous when questioned by Officer Liu.

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