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“Wonderful! Please give me her information, Mr.

Jin!” Grandpa Ji rubbed his hands.

“Yes sir.” Uncle Jin was also very happy.

He took out Ye Siyans information and handed it to his grandpa.

“Tsk tsk, shes not bad-looking.

I didnt know that kid likes this sort.” Grandpa Ji said jokingly.

“Um… Shes an adult.

Shes about to graduate from high school, and shes about to go to college.

Her parents are also decent people.

Not bad, not bad!”

Although she wasnt the daughter of a rich family, his grandpa was satisfied with her innocence.


“Why is that kid hiding it from me Whats there to hide” Grandpa Ji said.

“Since this girl is already an adult, marriage isnt a problem.

With his speed, when can I ever have a great grandchild”

“Perhaps Shiting doesnt think hes married to that girl yet,” Xie Siqi said with a smile.


Hes the only girl Ive seen in so many years.

Whats there to hesitate about” Grandpa Ji grabbed his beard.

“Im afraid he wont admit it.”

Xie Siqi blinked and said, “Grandpa Ji, I have a plan here…”


Two days later, Ye Family.

Ye Wenhua and Li Wenqin had been worried sick ever since Ye Shengge sent the contract back.

They asked many lawyers about the contract, but all of them shook their heads and said that it was very likely that the Ye family would lose the lawsuit over the contract.

Was he really going to spend ten million dollars to terminate this contract

If they paid ten million, they would only have one house left.

“Why dont we give it to her After all, its hers…” Ye Wenhua said.

“No!” Li Wenqin objected.

“Youre entitled to share your brothers stuff, and weve been taking care of that girl for more than ten years! Even if you want to give it to her, you can only give her half.

Dont even think about ten million!”

“What do we do Do we just watch Siyans entire life be destroyed by the contract” Ye Wenhua said.

Ye Siyan couldnt help tearing up.

Shed been reprimanded by her parents too many times over the past days, and she didnt dare to speak at all.

Li Wenqin was so annoyed that she almost broke her newly-done nails.

At that moment, the phone rang.

“Ill pick it up!” Ye Siyan immediately wiped her tears and picked up the phone.

It was a gentle male voice, which sounded like an uncle, “Is it Ms.

Ye Siyan”

“Its me.”

“Did you visit Taoran House ten days ago”

Ye Siyan was dazed.

She remembered the restaurant, that day, she had drugged Ye Shengge and followed her to the restaurant that day.

“Yes, what about it” It was just a restaurant, so there was nothing she couldnt admit.

Thus, Ye Siyan agreed without hesitation.

“Have you been to Fengyue Hotel before”

She had followed Ye Shengge into the hotel after seeing her being carried in by a man…

“Thats right.” Although Ye Siyan didnt know what the callers intention was, she was used to being fearless, so she didnt plan to hide anything.

The middle-aged man on the other side of the phone smiled and said, “Very good, Ms.

Ye Siyan.

Are you interested in attending the dinner banquet held in the Ji familys old house tomorrow night”


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