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Chapter 710: Shes Innocent

Officer Lius face twitched, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Mr.

Ji, its one thing for you to avoid arrest, but are you going to go against the police openly”

“You were the one who framed a good person,” Ji Shiting sneered.

However, the woman in his arms struggled to jump out of his embrace.

“Shiting, Ill go back with Officer Liu and explain the situation,” Ye Shengge said calmly.

“What do you have to say about things that have nothing to do with you” The man grabbed her wrist tightly, looking terrifying.

“I have nothing to do with Xie Siqis death.” Ye Shengge looked him in the eyes.

“Trust me, Shiting.”

Ji Shitings eyes widened.


“I remember everything,” she said.

“This is what I wanted to tell you.”

The man took a deep breath and hugged her, his muscles trembling.

Ye Shengge could feel the mans heartbeat.

“Ill go back with this police officer and explain the situation.

Then, come pick me up tomorrow, okay” She said, “I know you feel sorry for me, but the situation isnt as serious as you think.”

Ye Shengge knew that Ji Shiting probably thought Xie Siqis death was caused by the second personality, so he wouldnt allow the police to take her away.

However, even the second personality was innocent.

The womans calm tone worked, and Ji Shiting finally gave in.

“Okay, Ill accompany you.” He then glared at Officer Liu.

Officer Liu didnt dare say no.

He would be lucky to have Ye Shengge back.

“Please, Ms.

Ye.” Officer Liu looked at Ye Shengge.

Ji Shiting still looked gloomy.

Ye Shengge smiled at him and followed Officer Liu to the police car.

Officer Liu was very polite to her, so he didnt dare touch her or handcuff her.

Not long after getting into the car, Lin Qi was brought over.

She still looked terrified.

Ye Shengge grabbed her hand and exchanged glances with her.

Lin Qi nodded at her and finally calmed herself down.

Ye Shengge turned around and saw Ji Shitings Maybach following behind.

Ye Shengges heart ached, but she suppressed it.

She and Lin Qi were interrogated separately.

Ye Shengge didnt have time to talk to Lin Qi in the police car, but she believed that the girl would know what to say given her intelligence.

Officer Liu would interrogate Ye Shengge personally.

Probably because of Ji Shiting, Officer Liu didnt dare treat her like a normal suspect, but his tone was also strict.

However, Ye Shengge was very calm.

No matter how Officer Liu asked, she insisted that she had nothing to do with Xie Siqis death.

“Does it have nothing to do with you”

“I cut some small wounds on her face, but those wounds arent fatal at all.

They wont even leave a scar.

You can all see how big the eyebrow repair knife is.

I usually leave one or two such wounds when Im grooming my eyebrows.

How can they be fatal”

“However, the blade stabbed into the victims aorta, which led to her death,” said Officer Liu.

“Youre the only one with fingerprints on it.

The CCTV shows no third person entering.”

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