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Chapter 706: Disobedient Children Must Be Punished

Xie Siqi shivered and looked at her in fear.

“Dont, Sister Shengge!” Lin Qis face paled.

“Thats good enough… I dont want you to go to prison…”

“You dont want her to go to prison, do you” Ye Shengge licked her lips.

Lin Qi forced a smile and said, “Its all the same to me… Weve been together for a long time, and youre my Sister Shengge…”

She and Song Ruxu should be the people who had interacted with the second personality the most, so Lin Qi could only try to get her approval.

At least, she couldnt let Xie Siqi die in her hands.

Ye Shengge smiled and looked at Xie Siqi.

“How about this Marry Xiao Ruilang and dont bother me anymore.

Ill consider letting you go.”

Xie Siqi looked resentful.

She felt humiliated even if she said yes.

However, the pain on her face and chest forced her to lower her head.

“Okay, I agree,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Ill still kill you if you go back on your word.” Ye Shengge smiled and put away her gun.

“Lets go, Lin Qi.”

Lin Qi nodded.

The two of them left the makeup room, closed the door and locked Xie Siqi inside.

Ye Shengge looked very excited and was curious about everything about the TV station.

She would smile when someone greeted her.

Lin Qis heart was in her mouth, especially when men showed up.

She was afraid that Sister Shengge would shoot those men.

Fortunately, the second personality wasnt that hostile anymore.

Coupled with the fact that she had vented her desire for Xie Siqi, she acted normal the entire way out of the TV station.

After getting into the car, Lin Qi finally heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Sister Shengge, lets go home.


Ji is still waiting for you.”

“No,” the woman said lazily.

She reached out to her and said, “Give me your phone.

Dont tell anyone.”

“Sister Shengge…”

“Disobedient kids will be punished.”

Lin Qi could only hand over her phone.

“Im hungry.

Lets go have dinner first,” the woman said with a smile.

Lin Qi could only do as he said.

However, the pregnancy reaction wouldnt disappear because of the change in personality.

Ye Shengge was irritated by the delicious food on the table.

“Because Im pregnant with the baby, right” She looked fierce.

“Ill abort the baby now!”

“No!” Lin Qi almost knelt down.

“The baby is already in your belly.

If you abort the child, you… Youll find it difficult to move, and youll have to be hospitalized for at least a month.

Itll be very painful.”

The woman raised an eyebrow and said, “Are you lying to me”

“Im telling the truth! Believe me!” Lin Qi cried.

“Okay then.” She snorted and stroked Lin Qis face.

“Are you afraid of me”

Lin Qi shook her head and said, “Im not afraid that youll hurt me, but Im afraid that youll hurt the baby.

Sister Shengge really cherishes this child.”

Perhaps it was because she had interacted with her second personality many times, but Lin Qi wasnt afraid of her.

Besides, she knew that her second personality wouldnt hurt a woman for no reason.

“I know.

Shes afraid that Ill get rid of this baby.” She sighed.

“Seriously, killing someone just isnt as fun anymore because of her.”

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