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Chapter 696: Those People Think They Can Bully Me Without A Backer

“What entertainment news” Ji Shiting asked.

“Nothing.” Ye Shengge snorted.

“Leave, Lin Qi.

Ignore him.”

Ji Shiting stared at the woman and looked at Lin Qi.


Lin Qi couldnt handle the mans aura at all.

She could only ignore Ye Shengges instructions and mumbled, “Its… Its Cheng Xinyue who released a statement that shell be the lead actress ofMeeting Cupid…”

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

So it was because of that.

He nodded, and Lin Qi turned around and ran.

Ji Shiting looked at Ye Shengge and grabbed the womans hands.

“Sorry, I forgot about it yesterday.

Ill tell them to take away all her resources and blacklist her, okay”

However, Ye Shengge still didnt look better.

She looked at him and looked away.

Ji Shiting thought for a bit, picked her up and hugged her.

“How about this Ill ask the public relations department to clarify that I have nothing to do with her.”

However, that didnt make the woman in his arms smile.

Ji Shiting felt helpless and amused.

That woman rarely played games with him.

Even if she threw a tantrum occasionally, he would just appease her.

It was rare for her to last so long today.

Ji Shiting couldnt get mad at her, but he couldnt help feeling tempted.

He pressed his fingers against the womans lips and said, “What else do you want, Shengge Ill satisfy you if I can.”

“Who do you plan to let act inMeeting Cupid” She finally said.

“Didnt you say Producer Chu would definitely change his mind”

“This is between the director and the producer.

I cant interfere,” the man said calmly.

“Really” She wrapped her arms around his neck and said.

“Are your words useless”

Ji Shiting looked into her clear and aggrieved eyes and smiled, “I know you want to act, but your body isnt suitable for work at all.”

“You promised me yesterday.” She bit her lips.

“Besides, I can handle my work.

Filming for this show will begin in a month.

At that time, my pregnancy reaction wont be as serious as it is now.”

Ji Shiting frowned and didnt say anything.

Ye Shengge puffed her cheeks and looked more aggrieved.

“Everyone on the Internet says you abandoned me.

They even say you want to blacklist me.”

“Dont listen to their nonsense.” Ji Shiting held her face.

“They dont know anything.

Its not worth being angry about, okay”

“But everyone thinks Im pitiful.” Ye Shengge stared at him.

“Those people think theyll bully me because I dont have a backer.”

“Its not the right time.

Ill tell everyone that youre my wife after some time.

How about that” Ji Shiting said patiently.

“That would be too high-profile,” Ye Shengge begged.

“As long as I have shows and good resources, no one will dare bully me.”

She kept blinking at him.

She knew very well that the man hadnt forgotten about Cheng Xinyue, but was delaying it.

Because dealing with Cheng Xinyue meant that he would keep his word and give her the role ofMeeting Cupid.

That man obviously didnt want her to work during the pregnancy, so he ignored it.

He wanted to wait until Producer Chu confirmed a suitable candidate before dealing with Cheng Xinyue.

At the same time, he would also give up the idea of her acting in this show as the candidate had been decided.

However, Ye Shengge wouldnt stay at home for an entire year.

She would go crazy.

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